“Customers said they found the iPad a 'wow' factor and confirmation that this is a high-tech process being handled by experts. They are more than happy to complete the form on the iPad.”
Elevation Sports CEO David Craycraft.

Every salesperson is now a snow boot expert with this
innovative FileMaker Go solution.


  • In Santa Monica USA Elevation Sports specialises in the provision of snow gear, particularly in the custom fitting of snow boots. Proprietor David Craycraft initiated the development of a FileMaker Go solution which enables less-experienced staff members to take full advantage of his long experience as a Master Bootfitter.


  • Snow sports.


  • Using an iPad Go solution sales assistants quickly gather data from customers in-store. They then interact in real time with a master database on FileMaker Server to determine available stock and suitable options for that particular customer. The key to this stable and speedy iPad/FileMaker Server synchronisation is a third-party product called RESTfm.


  • Sales staff no longer need to be vastly experienced to provide expert advice.
  • Customers can have their requirements satisfied quickly and efficiently.
  • Capturing photographs and signatures on the iPad speeds up the process.
  • Staff can play videos on the iPad to illustrate appropriate products.
  • Customers are impressed with the use of the latest iPad technology.

Custom snow boot fitting is a serious business which requires a knowledge of biomechanics and analysis of individual users' ski styles. To become a Master Bootfitter like David Craycraft many years of experience are required and accreditation is rigorous. Founder and CEO of Elevation Sports David enjoys giving expert assistance in his Santa Monica USA store. During the snow season he employs casuals to cope with increased demand. A problem had always been the wide gap in expertise between these enthusiastic amateurs and the qualified professionals. David’s challenge was: "How can I give these kids access to the hard-earned knowledge that I have?"

Having been a database programmer before getting into the snow sports business David used FileMaker and knew its capabilities. He set to work and eventually developed a FileMaker Go solution, neatly titled FIT, which made his expert knowledge accessible to less experienced sales people in his store.

Here's how it works. A customer walks into the store, is handed an iPad and quickly fills out some basic personal details. The salesperson then works through a series of body and foot measurements which could include photos of feet and skiing stance taken on the iPad. This information is then matched against stock on hand. The process includes electronic signature capture for a liability release form. The salesperson can play appropriate product videos for the customer on the iPad.

When David described his solution to colleagues at a conference they urged him to scale it up so it could be used across the whole industry. David knew enough about FileMaker to realise that he would need some help, particularly with syncing, so he contacted US developer Kevin Frank and Nick Orr from Goya in Australia. Nick takes up the story:

We delivered a framework for syncing that was simple to implement, and fast for their requirements of lots of small sets of sync data. FileMaker was always going to be the development environment, but it was a matter of finding the right fit for sending data from the iPad to FileMaker Server utilising Custom Web Publishing.

David agrees:

Syncing is difficult with multiple users in multiple locations. The syncing solution Nick provided is very reliable, fast and any minor bugs have been fixable.


FIT was beta tested at 15 locations including premier ski resorts last December. The results have been very impressive:

  • Ski and Snowboard boots sales increased 28%
  • 98% of new customers opted into the system by providing email addresses.

There was also an increase in customer satisfaction and sales staff efficiency. David continues:

Customers said they found the iPad a ‘wow’ factor and confirmation that this is a high-tech process being handled by experts. They are more than happy to complete the form on the iPad.

FileMaker has been the backbone of the whole process due to its speed of development and easy iOS deployment.

FIT has a modular structure which will allow it to be customised for other sports. In development are modules for golf clubs, running shoes and tennis racquets. The possibilities are endless: bicycles, surfboards – almost any type of sports equipment where access to expert knowledge is a great advantage.

FIT is due to be launched on the 1st August 2013.

Would you like to know about the technical details behind FIT? Learn more >

We thank David Craycraft, Kevin Frank, and Nick Orr.

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