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  Announcing NEW Bento 3  

The top 10 new features in Bento 3 are:

  • iPhoto integration—store more info about photos and link them to contacts, projects, and events stored in Bento.
  • Grid view—see a grid of images and forms to view your information like never before.
  • Security options—protect your sensitive data using encrypted fields and password protection.
  • Multi-user sharing—share your Bento libraries with up to 5 other Bento users on your wired or wireless local area network.
  • Related data field with thumbnails—link a list of guests to an event and see a picture of each person invited on the event record.
  • File list with thumbnails—Link a list of files to any record and see the first page of PDF file or a mini version of jpg images on the record
  • Simple list field type—add a freeform table to your forms for quick list tracking.
  • Library folders—save space in your Libraries pane by grouping like libraries in a single folder.
  • Group emailing—send one email to multiple recipients through Apple Mail with a few clicks.
  • New templates—choose from 10 ready-to-use templates for education, personal, and work use.

Bento in the news With the launch of Bento 3 we wanted to share some of the great local coverage Bento 3 and Bento for the iPhone and iPod Touch has received:

Mac The Blog Ex Macworld editor Matthew Powell gave Bento 3 a glowing write up on his new project MacTheBlog saying Bento 3 “offers some very nice eye candy in its new features, as well as some more fundamental usability enhancements users have been asking for. The killer feature for me, however, is barely mentioned in the literature.
New Zealand HeraldNZ Herald’s Mark Webster explores the new features in Bento 3 “you can now share your Bento data with up to five people on the same wired or wireless network.”
PC Authority On launch day, PC Authority broke the news that “FileMaker’s easy-to-use Bento database for Mac has become incredibly popular in a short time and now it comes as a standalone application for iPhone and iPod Touch”
Australian MacWorld And on the same day Australian Macworld awarded Bento for the iPhone and iPod Touch 4/5 mice and featured the news on its landing page commenting “The app promises unprecedented levels of customisability for an organisational app for iPhone, while giving its owner the ability to practically write their own iPhone app.
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  Oct-Dec 2009  
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