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  Jan-Mar 2014  
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FileMaker 13—seven major new features
In this latest release of the FileMaker platform, there are dozens of new features that will change the way you create and manage FileMaker solutions. We have picked out just seven of the major new features:
1. FileMaker WeDirect

Available for solutions hosted with FileMaker Server 13, FileMaker WebDirect is breakthrough web technology that runs custom business solutions directly in a web browser on a desktop or laptop—with no web development skills required. It’s as simple as that.

With FileMaker WebDirect, you don’t need to do coding in PHP, HTML5, CSS or JavaScript to create robust solutions for the web. With your existing FileMaker skills you can go from creating a solution to making it accessible in a web browser with just a few clicks.

2. Control object visibility

Build more dynamic layouts with objects, such as fields, buttons or tab controls that can appear or disappear from your layout based on the results of a calculation.


3. New security features

Data encryption. In addition to data being encrypted while it’s moving over a network or the web, your data is now also encrypted wherever the database file exists. AES 256-bit encryption ensures that the security of your data is protected even if the file gets out of your control.

Encryption state indicator—A lock icon indicates when connections to FileMaker Server are encrypted and turns green if the connection is using a trusted security certificate. Enabling data encryption requires FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced.

4. Field picker

Create new fields or drag and drop multiple fields onto the form directly from Layout mode for more convenient control of field and label placements.

5. Popovers

Add iOS-style popovers to your layouts to group fields, add links and display additional details. Popovers also provide useful choices for navigating to new areas of the solution without opening multiple windows.

6. Slide controls

Similar to a tab control, the new slide control lets you add multiple sliding panels to your forms to create changeable regions of content. Great for making the most use of valuable screen space on iPad and iPhone.

7. Bar code scanning

Add bar code scanning to your FileMaker solutions running on iPad and iPhone—without requiringadditional plug-ins. Supports UPC codes, QR codes and many more bar code formats.

  Willem Meyer  
From the Asia Pacific Regional Manager...

The launch of the FileMaker 13 platform in December was definitely the highlight of our year. The list of amazing new features which we showcase in this issue includes FileMaker WebDirect. Imagine running custom FileMaker solutions in a web browser without any coding. Now you can!

With this release, FileMaker Inc., has also introduced some changes to some licensing, based on a per connection model. We believe this will be a very attractive scheme for our customers. Please contact our licensing agents for further information.


If you’ve downloaded the latest trial version I’m sure you have already discovered your favorite features. For me it’s the new ability to to encrypt data ‘at rest’ on a FileMaker client or hosted on FileMaker Server, to make your valuable information even more secure.

We bring you two customer stories which highlight how legacy FileMaker solutions can be quickly and economically upgraded to include new features. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy the story of a young man who stumbled on a fulfilling career as a FileMaker developer almost by accident

Willem Meyer

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