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  Jan-Mar 2014  
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New feature in FileMaker 13 protects your data everywhere
Almost daily, news sites report another cybercrime. The proliferation of malware and hacking software has increased dramatically over the last couple of years.

Companies hold confidential financial records as well as private information about clients and suppliers. It is vital to keep this data secure from unauthorised access. Recovering from cyberattacks can be very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Many smaller companies don’t regard cyberattack as a potential threat because they assume that hackers only target large companies with a bigger payoff. This is not true. A 2013 Symantec report reveals a 42% increase in targeted attacks in 2012, with 31% of these aimed at businesses with fewer than 250 employees.


According to a recent article in PC World, “small businesses represent low risk and little chance of exposure for data thieves, because they typically lack the detailed security defences and warning systems that would alert them to a breach.”

Protecting your company against such attacks requires smart strategies. The FileMaker platform uses encryption in a number of areas to help you protect your vital data. The new FileMaker 13 platform introduces a powerful Encryption at Rest (EAR) feature which can easily be integrated into your overall security strategy.
David Head, FileMaker Asia Pacific Systems Engineer explains three levels of security featured in the FileMaker 13 platform.

Data stored in a FileMaker solution should be protected by all means available both in transit across networks and at rest in files.

The first level of security should be to limit access to the file to authorised users. Passwords for FileMaker security accounts cannot be retrieved from a file because they are securely one-way encrypted. The default option for a FileMaker file to automatically open with a full access account should be disabled, and a complex password set for the admin account. A FileMaker privilege set can be configured to require account holders to change their password every [x] days and to enforce a minimum password length.

The second level of security is to protect data transmissions across networks between the solution host and FileMaker clients. Programs called packet sniffers can be used to capture packets of data as they travel across a network. Much of this data is transmitted in plain text and can be easily viewed. Encrypting FileMaker data over the network is easily done by enabling SSL in FileMaker Server. By default, this will use a FileMaker server certificate but an administrator can request a signed certificate from a Certificate Authority that matches the server or DNS name to help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

The third level of security is to protect files at rest. The content of a standard FileMaker file is encoded but not encrypted. For files stored on iPad or iPhone devices protected with a passcode, FileMaker Go enables data protection. This means that files on the device cannot be accessed while it is locked or starting up. This is good news if the device is lost or stolen.

Using FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced, a file can be fully secured with AES 256-bit encryption. FileMaker Inc. recommends the use of a complex encryption key and the encryption process indicates the password quality. Thereafter, the encryption key must be entered to open the file. When the file is hosted using FileMaker Server 13, an administrator will need to enter the encryption key to host the file but any user of the file will only need their account name and password. All backup copies are encrypted for high level security wherever they are stored. If any encrypted files should fall into the wrong hands, the data cannot be accessed without the encryption key.

In summary, the FileMaker 13 platform offers all the security required to protect your organisation’s data. With the appropriate security enabled, your data will be protected from unauthorised access wherever it travels or is stored.
From the Asia Pacific Regional Manager...

For all of us here at FileMaker Australia Pacific this is a very exciting time! Since FileMaker 13 burst onto the scene last December the place has been really buzzing.

The feedback from the whole FileMaker community has been so positive that we focus most of this issue on exploring and explaining some of the great new features which can bring more power and control to users and developers alike.

A number of our leading developers share their favourite features with us. Our Consulting Engineer David Head goes beneath the surface to explain how the new data security works, and how new layout objects and formatting can add amazing new depths to the user experience.


If you’re keen to learn more, we have details of various FileMaker 13 training options.

For developers, the FileMaker Developer Conference in Texas at the end of July could not come at a better time. Register now to get the latest FileMaker 13 information by talking face-to-face with FileMaker engineers and to be inspired by the work of other developers from all over the world.

Willem Meyer

  Willem Meyer  
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