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  • Task 1 Present portfolio performance reports on the iPad during client meetings
  •   2 Track power line maintenance and tree trimming schedules
  •   3 Create sales quotes for industrial machinery while in the warehouse
  •   4 Upload project status at a building construction site
  •   5 Audit government safety standards at manufacturing sites
  •   6 Conduct mechanical inspections of vehicles while in the garage
  • Task 7
    Records donations and donor details on the iPhone at charity auctions
  •   8 Inventory supplies of flowers and plants in a garden nursery
  •   9 Access store inventory while hunting for rare books
    Read customer story (US Site)
  • 10 Respond to hotel guest requests anywhere on the property
  • 11 Manage solar panel installation projects on site
  • 12 Audit facility lighting systems and factories and offices Read customer story (US Site)
  • Task 13
    Reference medical terms and EMT protocols on the iPhone on the ski slope Read customer story (US Site)
  • 14 Document archeological artifacts at the dig site
  • 15 Access real estate details for clients while touring open houses
  • 16 Monitor genetic data, breeding details and vaccinations of livestock Read customer story (US Site)
  • 17 Log surgery procedures in the operating room
  • 18 Look up music equipment setup specifications at concert venues
  • 19 Access mobile encyclopedia of pharmaceutical terms for employee use Read customer story (US Site)
  • 20 Create food service invoices during deliveries to restaurants
  • Task 21
    Manage film editing projects throughout the studio on the iPhone
    Read customer story
    (US Site)
  • 22 Record fire safety inspection check lists on property
  • 23 Create walking portfolio of digital creative samples
  • 24 Update cereal pallet totals in the warehouse
  • 25 Access student emergency contacts on field trips
  • 26 Manage car rental agreements and deliveries on the road
    Read customer story and see video
  • 27 Track quilt fabrics without going to the stock room
  • 28 Access patient medical records on the iPad during hospital rounds
    Read customer story (US Site)
  • Task 29
    Manage exhibitor work orders at a convention center
    Read customer story and see video
    (US Site)
  • 30 Inventory all computer equipment within a school district
  • 31 Track multiple printing projects on the shop floor
  • 32 Track pharmaceutical drug test results in the lab
  • 33 Conduct health assessments in remote communities
  • Task 34
    Provide furniture configurations and quotes on the show floor on the iPad
  • 35 Register and check in participants for 5K/10K charity races
  • Task 36
    Collect land surveying data for civil engineering projects on the iPhone
    or iPad
  • 37 Gather donor data on a mobile blood bank
  • 38 Record client case notes while in the courtroom
  • 39 Conduct teacher evaluations in the classroom
  • 40 Access car inventory and record customer details during test drives
    Read customer story (US Site)
  • Task 41
    Access and update business contact information on the iPhone while on the road
  • 42 Reference electronic exhibitor guides on the trade show floor
  • 43 Monitor acidity, sugar and alcohol levels of wine while in the cellar
  • 44 Track projects details for commissioned public art works
  • 45 Look up work orders for brewing equipment repairs at coffee shops
  • 46 Manage customer design specifications during housing remodels
  • 47 Track habitat, behaviors and condition of wildlife while outdoors
  • Task 48
    Verify students' class schedules on the iPhone in the hallway
  • 49 Conduct neighbourhood surveys door-to-door
  • 50 Catalog clothing inventory to assist customers while shopping

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