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November 11Excelisys Releases BizTracker 4


August 12Lee Medical's FileMaker-based, iPad-enabled electronic medical record (EMR), VAST, to connect live with Regional Medical Center's EMR platform

August 10Announcing SyncDeK2Go For FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, Allowing Syncing between solutions

August 10Learn about FileMaker Go while playing “The Game” at FileMaker Devcon 2013

August 10Productive Computing, Inc. and Acordex® Form Strategic Alliance for DocKeep Software

August 10Skeleton Key to exhibit FMRPC and present at five sessions at DevCon

August 10FMDiff3 now covers FileMaker .fmp12 files

August 1024U will exhibit at FileMaker DevCon 2013

August 10myFMbutler announces FileMaker 25% Off Special

August 10Databuzz showcases fmSMS v3 at FileMaker Developer Conference with DevCon Price Discount

August 10PCI Announces New Features and Enhancements to File Manipulator




August 1624U Software releases 24U SimpleDialog Plug-In 4.0

August 16360Works updates SuperContainer for use with FileMaker Go

August 16360Works Releases Scribe, FileMaker text processing plug-in

August 16Acordex Imaging Systems announces launch of Reseller Program

August 16Aqua Connect Joins the FileMaker Developer Conference to Exhibit Their Enhanced Remote Access Solutions

August 16BaseElements 3 for FileMaker 11 with new FileMaker Go Report

August 16Beezwax Introduces Inspector Pro 3 at FileMaker Developer Conference

August 16Contact & Project Management for FileMaker 11 - the new SeedCode Complete

August 16Core3 More Than Just a CRM

August 16MightyData™ Unveils new branding at FileMaker Developer Conference 2010

August 16NELiX TransaX To Showcase New Payment Processing Services At FileMaker Developer Conference

August 16Skeleton Key releases ‘Search and Destroy Mission: Scrubbing FileMaker Applications of Proprietary Information’ at FileMaker Developer Conference

August Announces FileMaker Go Hosting Package Promotion at FileMaker DevCon 2010



August 31360works Releases New Snow Leopard-Compatible Filemaker Plugin Versions

August 21New 2empowerfm Layout Painter Draws Multi-Row & Scrolling Tabs On Filemaker Pro Layouts

August 13eShox 4 - eCommerce For MacPreneurs Debuts at 2009 FileMaker Developers Conference

August 13Mightydata Announces New Developers, Trainers And Classes For FileMaker

August 1324u Software Exhibits Telephony Integration For Filemaker Pro At Filemaker Developer Conference

August 13Adatasol Podcast To Broadcast From Filemaker Developer Conference

August To Exhibit Fmanywhere At 2009 Filemaker Developer Conference In San Francisco

August 13Worldsync, Inc. Debuts New Fmdataguard 2, With An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Syncdek 8 Only At The 2009 Filemaker Developer Conference

August 13Excelisys announces new enhancements for the popular Excelisys Business Tracker at FileMaker Developer Conference

August 13Comm-Unity Networking Systems Releases Fmp Ref, An Iphone/Ipod Touch App

August 13Huslik Verlag Exhibits 1.4 Upgrade To FMDiff And Offers a New Repair Service

August 13Comm-Unity Networking Systems Releases Cns Audit 1.0, A Filemaker Pro Plug-In, And Announces Devcon 10% Off Special

August 13 vVizion's Virtual Desktops Allows FileMaker Developers to turn Desktop Applications into Cloud Computing Applications

August 13Scodigo Offers Free PHPx Plug-in for FileMaker Pro Development During the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference

August Solutions Inc. Releases FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 5.23 with Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Migration Feature at 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference

August 13Digital Fusion launches Reactor 3 UI Extension Kit for FileMaker Pro at 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference

August 5WorldSync, Inc. Ships Dramatically Faster fmDataGuard 2.0



July 24INTELLISCANNER PRO 200: Organizes business inventory, assets for $199; seamless integration with third-party applications

July 23FileMaker Training Series in Washington DC

July 15Online Training Leader Releases Bento Essential Training Video

July 1424U Software announces 24U Phidgets Plug-In 1.0

July Announces Exhibit, Hosting and Dedicated FileMaker Server 9 Advanced Offerings at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14Excelisys Announces eX-File Jump-Start Solutions at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14Huslik Verlag Announces Extended Upgrade To FMDiff™ at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14FileMaker Bootcamp announces the 2008 Bootcamp training at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California at FileMaker Developer Conference!

July 14The Proof Group announces fmSpark: bolt-on merge letters, emails, and labels at FileMaker Developer Conference

July Solutions Inc. Announces FmPro Migrator 4.36 With New Bento to FileMaker Pro Migration Feature at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14GreenPages Announces New VMware Jump Start Program for FileMaker Virtualization Solutions at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14myFMbutler announces AutoSender 2.5 for Mac & Windows at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14myFMbutler releases Clip Manager 3.0 public beta for both Windows and Mac OS X Take control of the FileMaker clipboard at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14NRG announces updates for UPS and FedEx Toolkits at FileMaker Developer's Conference

July 14360Works Releases ScriptMaster 2.0 at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14360Works Launches SuperContainer 2.0 at FileMaker Developer Conference

July 14WorqSmart announces several new releases at FileMaker Developer Conference


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