Women Entrepreneurs say Technology is Key to Their Success

National survey reveals how female entrepreneurs –soon to represent half of all small businesses-- want control over their careers; use database software to manage important business data

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – May 22, 2007 – Women entrepreneurs, who will represent half of all new small businesses in the U.S. by 2009, say that technology is a key factor in the success of their businesses and that they are comfortable with the digital era. Download the results .

In a nationwide survey commissioned by FileMaker, Inc., maker of FileMaker Pro database software, 83 percent of women-owned businesses with less than 100 employees reported that technology is key to the success of their business, and 51 percent use database software to organize and manage important business information.

“Many women entrepreneurs find that FileMaker Pro is the perfect business tool to help ensure their success,” said Ann Monroe, Product Marketing Manager, FileMaker.   “Millions of small business owners have embraced FileMaker Pro for many years because of its legendary ease of use and ability to get new users comfortable with creating and managing databases.”

Businesswomen react to FileMaker survey results
“Women small business owners instinctively know that technology solutions that help them become more efficient or access data more productively can provide a competitive edge,” said Ginny Wilmerding, entrepreneur and author of “Smart Women & Small Business” ( www.smartwomen-smallbusiness.com ).  “Among the main reasons women are in business for themselves to begin with are flexibility and independence. Using the right technology is a prime example of ways that women can “work smarter” and maintain control of their businesses and lives.”

"The key to being a successful entrepreneur is to take advantage of all of today's technological opportunities in order to stay in the game," says Marilynne Eichinger, president, Museum Tour Catalog, ( www.museumtour.com ), a successful retail catalog company marketing quality, entertaining educational products for children, parents and educators based in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Research firm IDC projects that by 2009, 97 percent of U.S. companies will be small businesses. Many recent studies indicate than more than half of new businesses are started by women.

FileMaker Pro, the #1-selling easy-to-use database software is widely used by millions of small businesses throughout the world.  Solutions built with FileMaker Pro are used for a wide range of functions to help small business run smarter – from customer and inventory management all the way to email campaign management and much more without the need for IS/IT support and extensive training. FileMaker also offers the Business Productivity Kit, a solution for managing all aspects of a growing business, available at no cost when downloaded with the free 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro ( www.filemakertrial.com/bpkpr ).

Major Survey Findings
The survey of women small business owners uncovered trends in technology, entrepreneurial issues and work and family, including:

Technology Important to Success, But Many Entrepreneurs Still Use Paper Files
•    83 percent agree or strongly agree that “technology is an important factor in my business’ success.”
•    About half (51 percent) of women-owned businesses use database software to organize and manage important business information.
•    70 percent say they “know enough about how technology can help improve my business.”

Want to Be Own Boss
Women entrepreneurs start their businesses to give them more control over their career.
•    61 percent said the primary reason they started their own business was “independence/to be my own boss.”
•    13 percent said they started their own business because they “needed more convenient hours because of my family.”
•    Only eight percent said that “making more money” was the primary reason for starting their own business.

More Time, Less Money
Running a small business has had some unexpected results for women entrepreneurs.
•    Nearly 4 out of 10 women entrepreneurs (39.3 percent) said “the business takes more of my time than I expected.”
•    43 percent said they have “made less money than I thought I would.”
•    36 percent (35.8) said their business “requires more capital” than expected.
•    35 percent said that running their own business “is more stressful than I expected.”

Women entrepreneurs embrace technology
•    82 percent of women business owners said their two leading sources of information about new technologies are websites (68 percent) and publications (55 percent). Only 15 percent cited a technology consultant.
•    77 percent say “most business software is easy enough for small businesses to use.”

Background and Methodology
The nationwide survey of 201 small business owners and CEOs was conducted in March 2007, by Greenfield Online ( www.greenfieldonline.com ), an independent data collection firm, on behalf of FileMaker, Inc. Respondents to the survey included women who owned their own business or were the CEO, whose companies' employed less than 100 people. Quotas were set regionally, to ensure nationally representative results.

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