New FileMaker Pro 10 Simplified Chinese Ships With Sleek New Interface and Breakthrough Reporting and Automating Features

Beijing - Tuesday, March 10, 2009 - FileMaker, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 10 Simplified Chinese version in China.  This version of FileMaker’s flagship product also includes English (U.S. and U.K.) Japanese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish Swedish and Traditional Chinese.  A Chinese Simplified only version of FileMaker Pro 10 will be released soon. FileMaker Pro 10 is a breakthrough version of the award-winning database software, which features a sleek new interface and intuitive new design.

With a fresh new interface, FileMaker Pro 10 delivers the most dramatic design changes in over a decade. The redesigned and customizable Status Toolbar - similar to browser toolbars - puts commonly used FileMaker Pro features, previously only accessible from the main menu, right at users' fingertips for streamlined navigation, better workflow and time-saving shortcuts.

Other major new features, such as the ability to save the results of a search, and Script Triggers, which launch scripts triggered by user actions or based on time limits, make using databases easier than ever before.

Also shipping today is the entire FileMaker Pro 10 product line, which includes FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced in Simplified Chinese, FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server 10 Advanced

A database for everyone

"The new FileMaker Pro 10 interface is the result of years of in-depth research into how people actually interact with databases," said FileMaker president Dominique Goupil. "The result is a major new version of FileMaker Pro that brings the power of databases to everyone whether they create their own databases, or use one from someone else. Also, the new customization and scripting features in version 10 will save both users and developers time and money."

Saved Finds and Script Triggers: new time-saving features

FileMaker Pro 10 now saves searches automatically and allows you to name and save a set of specific searches. For example, if you want to create a find request for customers in Beijing who have spent more than RMB10,000 in the past year, but have not ordered in the last three months, FileMaker Pro will save the search so you can access it over and over again in the future. The new Saved Finds feature makes searching a "no-brainer."

FileMaker Pro 10 also introduces Script Triggers, allowing both users and developers major new options for automating tasks and boosting productivity. Now you can specify that a FileMaker Script (similar to a spreadsheet macro) will run based on timing or whenever users take a specified action in Browse Mode or Find Mode, such as clicking in a field or exiting a viewing mode. FileMaker Pro comes with 12 ready-to-use Script Triggers (five object-based and seven layout-based).

Create live Dynamic Reports based on your actual data

One of the most popular uses of databases is to create reports. With FileMaker Pro 10, you can now create beautiful reports — simple or sophisticated —that are based on your data. And, unique only to FileMaker Pro 10, you can actually make changes directly to the underlying data from within your report "on-the-fly" as you work. Any changes you may make to the data within your report will also show up immediately in the database, without ever having to switch views!

Other new FileMaker Pro 10 features include:

  • Enhanced Quick Start Screen - Get going quickly with the new "See it, Use it, Learn it" interface to start learning how to use FileMaker Pro. Plus easily create databases from existing data sources like .CSV, Tab, and also now from Excel 2007 (.xlsx) or Bento 2.
  • Enhanced SQL support - Now you can display, access and use data from even more SQL sources, including SQL tables in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g and MySQL 5.1 community edition.
  • Send Mail via SMTP - Save time by sending email directly from FileMaker Pro instead of having to open your email client.

See more information on these and other additional features.

FileMaker Pro 10 Receives Critical International Editorial Acclaim

Since shipping last January, FileMaker Pro 10 has garnered praise from numerous publications around the world:

Australia/New Zealand

  • - "a great piece of software"
  • PC Authority -  "Recommended, 5 out of 6 stars"
  • Reseller News - "…an evolutionary upgrade to an already-great database"

United Kingdom

  • MacFormat -  "Editor’s Choice"
  • PC Advisor -  “…the database application of choice for home-office and small-business users.”
  • - "Editor's Choice"
  • - "Editor's Choice"
  • - "Recommended"


  • Infoworld Test Center - "Thumbs-Up,  8.0 out of 10"
  • MacObserver - "Editor's  Choice"
  • Macworld  2009 - "Best of Show"
  • Macworld Magazine - "4.5 out of 5 mice"
  • - "4.5 out of 5 mice"
  • PC World - "an evolutionary upgrade to an already-great database"
  • Small Business Computing - "FileMaker Pro 10 makes an excellent choice"
  • Ziff-Davis' Channel Insider - "4 out of 5 stars”

Pricing and Availability

All FileMaker 10 Simplified Chinese (Multilingual version) products are immediately available. FileMaker Pro 10 is priced at RMB2365.00 (RMB1415.00 upgrade) China suggested list price. Pricing information for FileMaker Pro 10 Simplified Chinese only version will be available at

FileMaker authorized distributors in China are:

GrandTech C.G. Systems Inc.
Beijing: 010-52722460
Shanghai: 021-22819230
Guangzhou: 020-38889121

Beijing Federal Software Co., Ltd
TEL: 010-59798518

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