Three Special FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad Sessions Added to FileMaker Developer Conference

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 22, 2010 – FileMaker, Inc. today announced the addition of three special sessions focusing on FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad to the FileMaker Developer Conference 2010 schedule. The three workshops will provide exclusive information for FileMaker Pro developers about optimizing FileMaker Pro databases for iPhone and iPad.

The FileMaker Developer Conference, the largest annual gathering of worldwide FileMaker independent and corporate database developers, trainers, and users will take place at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina August 15-18, 2010.

Introduced just two days ago and now available on the iTunes App Store, FileMaker Go for iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad enable users to work with FileMaker Pro databases on an iPhone or iPad. With FileMaker Go, users can easily view, edit, and search for information in FileMaker databases on their iPhone or iPad.

This year's conference will feature more than 80 sessions and workshops, the most ever offered, led by recognized FileMaker experts. Key sessions will focus on FileMaker database development best practices and techniques including these three new FileMaker Go sessions added to the full workshop line up:

Go go ... FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad

Led by William Heizer, System Engineer, FileMaker, Inc. this evening session will survey the features of FileMaker Go; compare behavior similarities and differences with FileMaker Pro; examine scripts, triggers, calculations, and portals; and cover performance and connectivity considerations.

Go Deep with FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad

Led by Scott Love, Chief Operating Officer, Soliant Consulting, this session will dig into the nuts-and-bolts of developing for FileMaker Go. It will also share an advanced discussion of scripting considerations and help attendees understand how developing for FileMaker Go differs from FileMaker Pro.

Modifying Your FileMaker Databases for Effective Use on FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad

Led by Richard Carlton of Richard Carlton Consulting, this session will focus on understanding the differences between FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, and how to optimize a database for effective use of the iOS platform.

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