PayGo 4.0 Invades MacWorld

Christian James Releases Multi-Site Retail Point-of-Sale Version of PayGo.

San Francisco, CA (MacWorld Expo and Conference) — Jan. 8 —Christian James, Inc. announced today a major upgrade to its core product, PayGo SP.

"PayGo 4.0 is the most substantial upgrade in our history," says Chris Peterson, CEO of Christian James, Inc.  “We've added multi-store functionality and a completely redesigned interface along with a multitude of additional new features and enhancements."

Using syncing technology, stores can quickly be set up to sync their PayGo data with other stores via a PayGoNode Server.  Each store requires only a standard broadband internet connection in order to communicate with the server and other locations.

"We wanted to provide a product that had power but, was very simple to implement and maintain," said Peterson. "With PayGo 4.0 and our PayGoNode service, we can easily set up a store to share information in minutes.  Because a constant connection isn't required, we are able to utilize the full power and flexibility of PayGo without worrying about internet reliability or speed.  Our customers are active and mobile.  PayGo 4.0 gives them the power to also conduct or monitor their business at home or on the road."

The new features expand upon PayGo's already robust OpenSorta functionality which provides retail customers the ability to build unique, customized solutions that can be integrated with PayGo.

PayGo 4.0 also has a new matrix inventory creation tool,  performance tools that instantly let you view the performance of inventory, departments and vendors.  The new version also has new definable employee access privileges, custom menu screens for each employee, employee time card tracking, enhanced finds with the ability to save your most common find requests, purchase order tools to aid in the ordering of products and much more.

PayGo 4.0 comes bundled with FileMaker Pro 8.5 which serves as its database engine.  It can be purchased directly from Christian James, Inc. by calling 866-287-5576.

Christian James, Inc. will also be showcasing PayGo 4.0 in booth 1236-16 next to the Apple and Filemaker booths at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco on January 9-12, 2007.

Christian James, Inc. is a retail solutions company that concentrates on innovations and service to customers in a wide range of retail operations including stores that specialize in gifts, music, art, indoor and outdoor sports, yarn and knitting, scrapbooking, pets, liquor, winery, quilting, books, school supplies, antiques, home furnishings, and much more.   Christian James Inc. products are compatible with Windows and Mac OS X computing platforms.

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