.com Solutions Inc. Releases FmPro Layout Diff 1.0 For MacOS X - New Utility for Mac OS X Compares FileMaker® Layouts, with Support for FileMaker 8.5 Object Names.

New utility to be demonstrated at MacWorld booth #S1236 in the FileMaker Pavilion


FREMONT, CA., January 8, 2007 – (MacWorld Expo and Conference)  - .com Solutions Inc. Releases FmPro Layout Diff 1.0 - New Utility for Mac OS X  Compares FileMaker Layouts, with Support for FileMaker 8.5 Object Names.

.com Solutions Inc., a developer of multi-platform database migration and development tools, has released a new utility named FmPro Layout Diff 1.0, FileMaker Layout comparison utility for Mac OS X.

FmPro Layout Diff extracts, summarizes and compares field info from FileMaker 7/8/8.5 layouts. This info is presented in a columnar format for viewing, exporting, and comparison. Fields can be compared by either Field ID or Field Name, with the resulting differences displayed in a re-sizable, sortable list. FmPro Layout Diff quickly shows FileMaker 8.5 layout object names for an entire layout, without requiring each and every object to be individually clicked in layout mode within FileMaker. Large layouts are instantly resized and printed on a single printed page for documentation and development purposes.

FmPro Layout Diff uses information within a Mac OS X clippings file to extract information about FileMaker layouts. A clippings file is created on Mac OS X by selecting all of the objects on a FileMaker layout, and dragging the objects to the Mac OS X Desktop. The clippings file includes a PICT image representation of the layout, which is displayed in the FmPro Layout Diff main window. The other component of the clippings file consists of XML info from which field information is extracted and listed within the Info Window. The extracted info includes the FileMaker 8.5 Object Name, Field Name, Field ID and Table Occurrence Name.

FmPro Layout Diff features include:

● Instantly View FileMaker 8.5 Field Object Names - Within FileMaker 8.5, it is necessary to click on each layout object to determine the name which was assigned in layout mode. FmPro Layout Diff simplifies this process by listing all of the fields and their object names in a scrollable list.

● Gather Layout Info with No DDR Required - Since FmPro Layout Diff reads XML info from Mac OS X clippings files, there is no need to create a DDR with FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced. The XML and layout image info is instantly read directly from the clippings file by FmPro Layout Diff.

● Compare Layouts by Field Name - Layouts can be compared by Field Name in order to make it possible to compare layouts from different database files, as the Field IDs will not likely match between different files. The comparison process also takes into consideration the table occurrence name along with Field Name.

● Compare Layouts by Field ID - Layouts can also be compared by Field ID, to provide for the
comparison of different layouts or different versions of the same layout within a single file. The comparison process also takes into consideration the table occurrence name along with Field ID.

● Export Layout Details as Excel or XML Files - Some layouts may be so large that it becomes useful to export the info into a spreadsheet or other application for further processing or for creating user documentation.
● Easily Print Large Layouts on a Single Page - FileMaker layouts don’t always fit neatly onto a single printout. FmPro Layout Diff instantly resizes layout images to fit on a single page for printing or exporting as PDF files.
FmPro Layout Diff is a Universal Binary application which is only available for MacOS X.

A functional demo version of FmPro Layout Diff may be downloaded from www.fmpromigrator.com/downloads/index.html. For more info please see: www.fmpromigrator.com/products/fmpro_layout_diff

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