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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 9, 2007 – Macworld Conference and Expo 2007, beezwax datatools Booth #1236 – FM::Nexus today announced the release and immediate availability Inspector 1.6, now allowing developers to customize and extend reports. Inspector 1.6 is also a recommended maintenance release of this complete analysis tool for developers of FileMaker® solutions.

The Inspector 1.6 update is free to currently registered Inspector customers and available immediately from the FM::Nexus web site at: <>.

"In the pursuit of creating better solutions, Inspector helps developers to diagnose, debug and document them," explained Vincenzo Menanno, founder and president of FM::Nexus. "Inspector has been very well received throughout the FileMaker developer community. Some developers, who now rely on Inspector, requested a way to add their logos to reports for delivery directly to their client. We are flattered by the request and absolutely happy to provide the ability to customize reports,  and even further extending reporting capabilities."
Inspector Video Tutorial on
Customers who are new to Inspector, or would like to learn more, can watch a complimentary video tutorial from titled, "Inspector for FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced."

In it, FM::Nexus' lead developer, Vincenzo Menanno, introduces FileMaker Pro users to Inspector. The tutorial offers more than a dozen smaller movie chapters teaching focused topics such as how to use Inspector to get a macro view of database structure, to drill down to individual elements (tables, fields, calculations, scripts, layouts, custom functions, etc.), and see an element's references and dependencies.

The tutorials also demonstrate how to use Inspector to find and fix problems, filter and search, compare and contrast different versions of database solutions, determine references and dependencies, view layouts and scripts from the perspective of a specific privilege set, and even create extensive reports for documentation. Vince covers these topics and more. The video tutorials are available immediately to anyone, free of charge, at: <>

How Inspector Works
Inspector thoroughly analyzes the metadata of solutions built with FileMaker software to provide the essential information developers need to build rock solid solutions, execute intelligent maintenance and keep solutions problem free. Using FileMaker's DDR, Inspector provides an eye-popping visual overview of basetables, table occurrences, layouts, scripts, fields, privilege sets and much more. The result clarifies the structure, elements, relationships and other crucial information, graphically highlighting problems in troubled areas for a quick understanding of issues requiring attention.

Comprehensive and flexible, Inspector's search provides results from within any calculation for elements, fields, functions, etc. Inspector provides visually striking, detailed information for deletion decisions, for a security viewpoint, and to discover changes from earlier analyses. Inspector can even facilitate change documentation, for ones own records, for team members or for clients. As a runtime solution, Inspector runs independently, alongside development.

Compatibility, Availability and Pricing
The Inspector 1.6 update is free to currently registered Inspector customers and available immediately from the FM::Nexus web site at: <>.

Inspector 1.6 is available today for US$399 (EUR €225) for single users, and requires FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced, on Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows 2000. In the U.S., Inspector is distributed and supported by beezwax datatools, inc., at 888/835-4483 or <>. In Europe, Inspector is available through the FileMaker Europe Webstore at: <>.

Now, Inspector is available for US$999 for a five-user team license, only through beezwax datatools directly. Discounts for non-profits and education, and FSA Members; and Site Licensing are also available through beezwax datatools. Product information, including a fully functional demonstration, is available at <>.

About FM::Nexus
FM::Nexus is a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Member company that develops FileMaker solutions which help businesses and organizations stay focused on what they do best. FM::Nexus also creates tools to help FileMaker developers build better solutions and provides consulting and training for FileMaker developers. Additional information can be found at <>.
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