– Testers Now Accepted for Dragon Web Surveys, for Flexible Survey Building, and the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in, for Quick WSDL Integration –

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 9, 2007 – Macworld Conference and Expo 2007, beezwax datatools Booth #1236 – FM::Nexus today began demonstrating and accepting beta testers for Dragon Web Surveys™ and the FM::Nexus Web Services plug-in.

Dragon Web Surveys helps web developers build flexible surveys into their web sites. The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in allows FileMaker® solutions developers to implement standards-based interoperability with Web Services quickly and easily.

FM::Nexus invites experienced web and FileMaker developers for the beta test program. Developers can apply starting today as beta testers for either or both products at <>.

"FM:Nexus provides tools that help developers build better solutions," explained Vincenzo Menanno, founder and president of FM::Nexus. "In this case, we're asking developers to help us test two exciting, upcoming products. First, the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in makes integrating web services a snap -- as quick and easy as writing a FileMaker calculation. Secondly, Dragon Web Surveys provides web developers with multiple kinds of survey questions, in multiple languages, and prevents submission of multiple surveys from the same person."

Flexible Web Surveys
Dragon Web Surveys is designed to provide the most flexible, easy way for any web developer to achieve an organization's data collection goals. Dragon Web Survey provides unlimited surveys, questions and responses. Dragon Web Survey makes extensive use of cascading style sheets, allowing designers to show the survey in their choice of style and even switch languages or designs on the fly.

Dragon Web Surveys helps build surveys with multiple data validation options, in one or multiple languages. Numerous people can take surveys at once, with complex branching logic that appears simple to each end-user. Authentication features only allow one response to be submitted per person. Dragon Web Survey provides elegant reporting options, exporting results to most standard formats. FileMaker developers can also preview surveys using the new Web Viewer capability in FileMaker version 8.5.

Add Web Services to FileMaker Solutions
The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in empowers FileMaker developers to add hundreds of new functions to FileMaker solutions for instant database interaction with other web services. The Web Services Plug-in reads WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and exposes the functions available from these published APIs, allowing FileMaker-based solutions to easily integrate these functions directly into their solutions. The FM::Nexus WebServices plug-in can also be used in conjunction with the new Web Viewer capability in FileMaker version 8.5. The Web Viewer from FileMaker lets a developer/end-user?? view web-based content, while the Web Services Plug-in from FM::Nexus provides for interaction with web-based content for nearly seamless integration.

Adding a Web Service is as easy as dropping a new WSDL file into the WSDL folder. By adding a new WSDL file, the plug-in makes the functions included in that file available as FileMaker calculation functions, which can then be easily used in a solution. The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in makes integration simple by exposing function prototypes which allow developers to quickly and easily build in the corresponding powerful calculation.

About FM::Nexus
FM::Nexus is a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Member company that develops FileMaker solutions which help businesses and organizations stay focused on what they do best. FM::Nexus also creates tools to help FileMaker developers build better solutions and provides consulting and training for FileMaker developers. Additional information can be found at <>.
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