MySQL AB Launches New Business Partner Program

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The MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance (MECA) Makes it Easier for Companies to Reach & Interact with Millions of Open Source Database Users

MySQL Conference & Expo 2007, Santa Clara, Calif. -- April 24, 2007 -- MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced the launch of a new business partner program designed to make it easier for resellers, software vendors, hardware companies, and IT service providers to offer their database-related solutions to the millions of MySQL users worldwide.

This morning’s announcement was made on the opening day of the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo being held this week at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Over 1,200 attendees and 66 exhibitors are participating in the annual event -- exploring and celebrating the phenomenal momentum of open source software such as MySQL.

The MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance (MECA) is a multi-tiered partner program with compelling benefits for differing type and sized companies -- from hardware and software vendors to resellers/distributors, training providers, hosting companies, systems integrators and consulting firms.  MECA offers members special access and discounts to MySQL software subscriptions and support, joint marketing and sales opportunities, as well as assistance in assuring their commercial solutions work well with MySQL Enterprise and other MySQL database tools.

“As one of the largest and most-experienced open source vendors in the world, we’ve been able to assist many companies looking to capitalize on the explosive interest in open source -- and wanting to extend their offerings to our market,” said Mark Burton, MySQL AB’s executive vice president of sales, channels and alliances.  “MySQL can help our partners achieve their goals by connecting them with potential users and customers within our large and active community.”

A wide range of companies have announced plans to join the MECA program, including: Alfresco, AxisOS, BakBone, BitRock, CodeGear, Continuent, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Embarcadero, FileMaker, GoldenGate Software, Hewlett-Packard, Infobright, Ingram Micro Inc., JasperSoft, Logicworks, NetApp, NitroSecurity, Oracle/Innobase, Pentaho, PremiumSoft, Red Hat, RippleTech, SugarCRM, Solid, Sun Microsystems, Talend, Tandem-Forum, Unisys, Webyog and Zmanda.

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"MySQL has become a clear choice for traditional enterprises as well as pioneering Web 2.0 companies, delivering powerful database performance, ease of use and compelling cost of ownership benefits. The advantages of the MECA partner program can be clearly illustrated in our experience working jointly with MySQL to deliver the fastest-ever JSR-170 benchmark for content management."
-- Dr. Ian Howells, CMO, Alfresco

"After being a MySQL partner for the last six years, I have seen MySQL manage their tremendous growth smoothly and professionally. Throughout this process, every move they made they did for the good of the open source community and their partners. Their new MECA program is another step in the right direction -- support is a two-way street, and MySQL is showing what it means to 'give back' to the community."
-- Dr. John W. Horn, CEO, Axis Open Source Corporation

"As a MySQL Enterprise Gold Certified partner, BakBone is excited about being one of the first members of the new MECA partner program. This underscores our commitment to providing Linux and multi-platform data protection to MySQL customers.  BakBone is well suited to meeting the backup and recovery demands of the Linux community, providing flexible and reliable solutions that help customers more easily embrace open source technologies."
-- Jeff Drescher, director of product management, BakBone

"The MySQL database is one of the most popular components of our open source stacks. As one of the first members of MySQL's new MECA partner program, customers can have confidence in BitRock's ability to make it easy to install, configure, and integrate MySQL Enterprise with other applications. BitRock Custom Stacks, in combination with MySQL Enterprise, allow ISVs to provide their users with a complete, high-performance software stack for their application."
-- Daniel Lopez Ridruejo, CTO, BitRock

"CodeGear is delighted to be a member of the MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance. This alliance brings together the world’s largest independent developer community and the most popular open source database company to make it faster, easier and more affordable for software developers to produce rich, database-driven Web applications.”
-- Michael Swindell, vice president of products and strategy, CodeGear

“As a long-standing MySQL partner since 2002, we recognize the criticality of partnerships.  We are pleased to join the new MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance.  As organizations continue to adopt MySQL Enterprise for business-critical applications, value-add solutions such as Continuent’s high-availability and scale-out solutions, from MECA partners are increasingly important. Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL Enterprise addresses what many enterprises need -- a cost-effective, reliable way to ensure that MySQL database applications are available 24/7.”
-- Eero Teerikorpi, CEO, Continuent

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
“As one of the first members of MySQL's new MECA partner program, Dolphin customers can have the confidence of knowing that Dolphin Express interconnect technology is optimized to work with MySQL Cluster, the highest performance, most reliable, secure and up-to-date cluster version of the world’s most popular open source database.  Our participation in MECA underscores our commitment to providing the highest throughput and fastest response time cluster interconnect solutions  to the growing MySQL community."
-- Kare Lochsen, CEO, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions

“As one of the first members of MySQL's new MECA partner program, Embarcadero customers can have the confidence of knowing that our flagship products, including DBArtisan and ER/Studio, are optimized to work with MySQL Enterprise.  Our participation in MECA underscores our commitment to providing cross-platform database tools to the growing MySQL community."
-- Greg Keller, vice president of product management, Embarcadero Technologies

“FileMaker ( )  is excited to join the MySQL MECA partner program.  Connecting FileMaker and MySQL database technologies will allow developers to create a huge variety of working solutions amazingly fast compared to traditional programming tools."
-- Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, Marketing and Services, FileMaker

GoldenGate Software
"Participation in the MECA partner program reinforces GoldenGate Software's ongoing commitment to the MySQL user community, providing solutions for real-time data integration.  We are pleased to extend our heterogeneous support to include MySQL Enterprise, for the highest levels of reliability, security and uptime."
-- Sami Akbay, vice president of marketing, GoldenGate Software

“Customers recognize the significant value of the HP and MySQL relationship, as HP was the first vendor to provide a single point of accountability for consulting, integration and support services for customers incorporating the MySQL database into their open source IT environments.  HP is fully behind MySQL’s efforts to strengthen the open source ecosystem through the new MECA partner program.”
-- Christine Martino, vice president, Open Source and Linux Organization, HP

“Infobright is proud to be a member of MySQL’s new MECA partner program.  Together, Infobright and MySQL deliver a solution for customers who need to store vast amount of data for complex analysis. Infobright’s membership in MECA assures our customers a seamless integration with MySQL Enterprise for reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership.”
-- Miriam Tuerk, president and CEO, Infobright Inc.

Ingram Micro
"Ingram Micro is very excited about the announcement of MySQL's new MECA partner program and feels that it will provide our VARs with the next level of engagement with MySQL. The additional MySQL support services, innovative sales and marketing programs and discounts on training will help our partners’ sales success."
-- Diane Lees, senior category manager, software, Ingram Micro

“JasperSoft and MySQL are already strong partners working closely to provide ISVs, OEMs and end users with an advanced, integrated business intelligence solution.  As a MySQL OEM partner for operational reporting and business intelligence, we’re committed to giving the MySQL community an integrated way to quickly and easily extract more value out of business data.  Our participation in MECA will help accelerate adoption of low-cost, easy-to-implement BI functionality.”
-- Paul Doscher, CEO, JasperSoft

"MySQL is an integral component to our Managed Database Service and business-critical application hosting services.  Our customers benefit from our alliance with MySQL through the MECA partner program, as they can be assured that Logicworks services are consistently optimized to take advantage of MySQL Enterprise software -- the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of the world's most popular open source database."
-- Carter Burden, president & CEO, Logicworks

“NetApp is proud to be one of the first members of MySQL's new MECA partner program.  Customers who choose to run MySQL Enterprise in conjunction with NetApp storage systems will benefit from our ability to deliver cost effective, innovative solutions that simplify their data management needs.  Our participation in MECA underscores our commitment to providing storage solutions for the growing MySQL community."
-- Patrick Rogers, vice president, Solutions Marketing, Network Appliance

“As a MySQL partner, NitroSecurity is committed to delivering high performance storage engine technology to MySQL customers worldwide.  NitroSecurity developed its database technology to specifically address the growing demand for real-time analysis within the network security event management market.  The MECA partner program strengthens the MySQL ecosystem and enables businesses to confidently deploy NitroEDB for MySQL in their mission critical data infrastructures.”
-- Frank Hayes, senior vice president of marketing, NitroSecurity

"Oracle is delighted to be a Platinum member of the MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance and we are pleased to continue the strategic and longtime relationship started by Innobase. The combination of MySQL Enterprise with the InnoDB storage engine continues to provide a strong transactional foundation for modern online applications, and the new program will help boost the companies' combined products in the marketplace."
-- Ken Jacobs, Vice President, Product Strategy, Server Technologies Division, Oracle Corporation

"Our customers continue to show strong adoption of MySQL as a data warehousing platform. The MECA partner program is a great opportunity for us to continue to integrate and optimize the use of Pentaho with the MySQL database -- allowing us to jointly address the clear market need for open, integrated, and affordable BI and data warehousing solutions."
-- Lance Walter, vice president of Marketing, Pentaho

"As a leading MySQL management and development software provider, PremiumSoft is very excited about participating in MySQL's new MECA partner program. Our Navicat product features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and provides a robust toolset to simplify MySQL development and improve productivity. The MECA program can help connect us with the MySQL community and give our customers the confidence that Navicat is optimized to work with MySQL Enterprise."
-- Ken Lin, CTO, PremiumSoft.

Red Hat
“Red Hat is pleased to support MySQL's new MECA partner program and to offer customers a reliable choice for their database needs. MySQL AB has also recently become a Red Hat Exchange Member.  Through the alignment of our two organizations, customers can feel confident deploying a complete, certified solution.”
-- Todd Barr, director of Marketing, Red Hat

“MySQL provides a powerful database for organizations, both powerhouses and pioneers, to realize the benefits of open source initiatives. High-transaction industries such as ecommerce, telecom and financial services also need to continuously monitor access to critical data without compromising performance and customer service. Being an inaugural MECA partner helps us to continue to provide our MySQL customers with a powerful solution that effectively monitors their database applications, auditing and logging entire database user sessions, without any performance impact.”
-- David Lamb, VP of Strategic Business Alliances, RippleTech

"Solid is pleased to be among the first members of MySQL's MECA partner program and for the opportunities that it will bring to both Solid and the MySQL community.  Organizations are already realizing the value that solidDB for MySQL can bring to their mission-critical applications, and the benefits introduced by the MECA program will help increase that adoption."
-- Paola Lubet, vice president, marketing, Solid Information Technology

"Everyone knows MySQL is a great database solution for a wide range of enterprises, small and large.  This is why we're excited to join MECA.  Partnering insures the highest quality solutions for SugarCRM's customers. Sugar users always have a choice, but if they are using MySQL, Sugar is fully optimized to work with MySQL Enterprise, no questions asked.  We are committed to integrating SugarCRM with the large and strong MySQL user base."
-- John Roberts, CEO, SugarCRM

Sun Microsystems
"The Solaris operating system is the most popular UNIX platform.  Sun -- a MySQL Platinum partner -- has teamed with MySQL to achieve outstanding MySQL database performance results. With Sun open sourcing our technologies and our move to build an x86 systems business, we see our continued alliance through MySQL's new MECA partner program helping us deliver continued value to customers via decreased cost of ownership and increased performance."
-- Juan Carlos Soto, vice president, Marketing, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

"Together with MySQL, we are working to change the economics associated with storing, managing and integrating data by delivering open source data infrastructure solutions to organizations of all sizes.  As one of the first members of MySQL's new MECA partner program, we are committed to providing MySQL customers with a flexible and cost effective open source data integration alternative to the traditional proprietary data integration suites."
-- Bertrand Diard, CEO, Talend

"As the first MySQL authorized training center in Russia, we are excited to join the new MySQL MECA partner program.  Partnering with MySQL to present specialized training allows us to provide a unique offering to our clients.  MySQL has been easy to work with and all their team members respond quickly and readily to our needs."
-- Gregorio Rubtsov, AMEC Manager, Tandem-Forum

"As a systems integrator with singular expertise in mission-critical environments, Unisys can draw on proven solution skills to drive higher service levels for MySQL users.  Unisys is pleased to be one of the first members of MySQL’s MECA partner program. We are excited by the opportunities it provides for us to deliver innovative solutions to an extended group of MySQL Enterprise users.”
-- Anthony Gold, vice president and general manager, Open Source Business, Unisys

"The MySQL database is rapidly becoming the de-facto choice for traditional enterprises as well as pioneering Web 2.0 companies. Webyog has been delivering powerful tools exclusively on the MySQL platform for the last five years. Our participation in MECA underlines our commitment to work closely with MySQL AB to deliver the next generation of MySQL tools".
-- Rohit Nadhani, CEO, Webyog

"Zmanda offers powerful network backup and recovery software designed specifically for MySQL databases, extending the benefits of open source to an organization's core operations. Through our partnership with MySQL in its new MECA partner program, we can contribute to the strong momentum of the MySQL ecosystem and drive the adoption of open source software more broadly in the enterprise. We are proud to be a top-level Diamond sponsor of the MySQL Conference & Expo this year and look forward to continuing our partnership with MySQL through the MECA program."
-- Chander Kant, CEO, Zmanda

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MySQL AB develops and supports a family of high-performance, affordable database products. The company’s flagship offering is 'MySQL Enterprise’, a comprehensive set of production-tested software, proactive monitoring tools, and premium support services.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software, with over 11 million active installations. Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations use MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems and packaged software -- including industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Alcatel, The Associated Press, Suzuki and NASA.
With headquarters in the United States and Sweden -- and operations around the world -- MySQL AB supports both open source values and corporate customers' needs in a profitable, sustainable business model. For more information about MySQL, please visit

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