360Works Releases SuperContainer

SuperContainer software lets you use the FileMaker 8.5 Web Viewer as a networked file system; solves file size and speed problems of normal container fields.

Atlanta, Georgia -- June 5th, 2007 -- 360Works announced SuperContainer ( http://www.360works.com/supercontainer ), a web application which stores documents and images in the FileMaker 8.5 Web Viewer instead of in standard container fields.

The smart way to store documents and images in FileMaker
Using the Web Viewer as a networked file system keeps your FileMaker databases small, and eliminates the need for mounted network volumes, platform-specific path ref-erences, or copying files from user's hard drives onto a server. This makes it perfect for storing large collections of files. SuperContainer runs on a server; there are no plugins required.

Easily upload and view documents on the Web
SuperContainer is the ideal way to read and write files from the web. Unlike normal con-tainer fields, SuperContainer allows you to upload files directly to FileMaker Server 8 Advanced from a web browser, even with Instant Web Publishing (watch the demo movie http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/demos/iwp/ ). Since SuperContainer uses the standard HTTP protocol to transfer files, it's very easy to include documents and images from SuperContainer into FileMaker web sites that you create.

Major performance improvements
Dynamic thumbnail generation feature makes image loading much faster and more effi-cient, especially for large images (see a speed comparison at http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/demos/speed/ ). It is no longer necessary to write scripts to interact with external applications to create image thumbnails.

Ordinary container fields are single-threaded, which means your users will not be able to interact with the FileMaker user interface for the entire time that it takes to load the contents of the container field. SuperContainer is multi-threaded, which allows your us-ers to work in FileMaker while images load in the background.

More developer and administrative control
Files are stored in a neatly organized folder structure under your control. You can use any URL you like for the Web Viewer for a record in FileMaker, and SuperContainer will create a directory structure on the server corresponding to that URL. This means that you can set your URL to AcmeCo/BigProject/12345, and that same folder structure will be created when the file is uploaded for that URL.

Revision tracking feature allows every version of a file to be stored and retrieved. By simply incrementing a number on the URL, like AcmeCo/BigProject/12345_1, you can store multiple versions of the same document. Users cannot edit or delete previous re-visions, they can only add new ones, which makes it ideal for corporate document man-agement.

SuperContainer is fast and easy to set up, as demonstrated in this 1:37 movie - http://www.360works.com/supercontainer/demos/migrate  SuperContainer was originally demonstrated at the 2006 Developer Conference Key-note by Andy Lecates. Since then, numerous features have been added and the instal-lation process has been greatly simplified.

Pricing and availability
A Workgroup license for SuperContainer is $195 and allows up to 10 users to use Su-perContainer with the Web Viewer in FileMaker 8.5. An Enterprise license is available for $695 which allows an unlimited number of users, and also allows publishing Super-Container from the Web Publishing Engine with FileMaker Server Advanced. Reseller and academic discounts are available. Licenses can be purchased immediately on our online store at http://www.360works.com/supercontainer .

SuperContainer customer reactions
Gerard Beutler of Pool Pro Office, Inc. (http://poolprooffice.com) had this to say about SuperContainer: “After 30 weeks [using normal container fields], the data file was over 3.5gig in size and the backups were taking in excess of 20 minutes and having a big impact on user experience during this time... After all of the container fields were trans-ferred to SuperContainer, data file size dropped to 20megs, backup time dropped to less than a minute, and user experience was greatly enhanced during backup. Perform-ance was increased by 500% during selected operations, because FileMaker did not need to cache large container objects.”

“I LOVE the new plugin function to d/l the document quickly to tmp and launch it auto-matically in native app... I'll be buying licenses for most of my clients.” --Chris Kubica of Application Architects, LLC
 --- About 360Works ---  360Works ( http://www.360works.com ) is a Platinum member of the FileMaker Busi-ness Alliance with offices in Atlanta and San Francisco. 360Works was established in 1996 with a focus on FileMaker consulting and Java development. We now also offer custom and pre-built FileMaker Plugins, web hosting services, and a variety of Java open source projects. Contact us at (866) 662-9185.


Customer contact: 866-662-9185 or http://www.360works.com

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