FM::NEXUS Announces Beta of Web Services Plugin for FileMaker Pro

Oakland, CA, August 26, 2007 - FM::NEXUS ( announces the public beta of the Web Services Plugin for FileMaker Pro.

The FM::Nexus Web Services plugin does all the heavy lifting needed to integrate your database data directly with large and small web services.

Web Services relies on WSDLs (web services definition languages) to expose developers to a rich API published by all kinds of vendors, large and small. No need to learn anything new, no SOAP wrapper to write, no complex connections to maintain --- all you have to do is make sure your computer is online, install our plugin and the WSDLs you want to use, and go!

“We did our very best to make this easy for users. All they have to do is drop a WSDL that they want to use into the WSDL folder and functions become available from within FileMaker Pro.  It’s like magic!” said Vincenzo P. Menanno, President of FM::Nexus. “If you can write a FileMaker calculation you can interact with web services large and small, such as Google, Amazon, the US Census, ZIP code indices, stock information, and others, right from within FileMaker.”

Go beyond what is possible with FileMaker’s Web Viewer using the Web Services Plugin. FileMaker’s Web Viewer does not sit inside the same calculation dependency as the calculation engine.  This makes it very difficult write calculations that depend on data returned from a request. The Web Viewer is a web browser, and as such you are forced to parse the information returned. The site makes a change and any calculations you have relied on to gather up information are now in need of change.

Web Services Plugin solves these problems in that it lives inside the calculation dependency tree so you can rely on calculations waiting for a result to complete, either via scripting or via calculation fields. It also uses a published API, thus ensuring that you’ll be getting consistent results without unexpected changes.

Don’t just look at web data; have your database interact with web data easy and seamlessly. To find out more, download our public beta and try out some of the many thousands of WSDLs that are out there.

Vincenzo P. Menanno is the President FM::Nexus, author of Inspector, Account Manager and Dragon Web Surveys. Vincenzo has spoken at many FileMaker Developer Conferences and is the author of the online training course “Learning FileMaker Pro 7” for

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Sales and support information for the FM::Nexus Web Services Plugin are provided by beezwax datatools ( ).  For more information, call us at (888)853-4483 or email .

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