LabScores engages Mindfire Solutions

LabScores is pleased to announce it has engaged Mindfire Solutions to help them with their growing business of developing relational databases for life science companies.

The standard modules of LabScores Suites have come to maturity over the past year and customization of the business logic and workflow procedures in both research and production environments has become the main focus of LabScores, but developers’ time becomes restrictive to address the growing client base in the biotech community.

Access to resources from Mindfire Solutions (employing one of the worlds largest groups of certified FileMaker developers) allows shorter development times and a significant cost reduction of customization for LabScores clients.

About LabScores

abScores develops software that brings intelligent data management to life science companies, from early start-up phase to certified pharma production environments. The four basic modules cover over 50 relational databases and can be expanded with a CustomSuite that will be made to fit the clients procedures in great detail. The modules run on FileMaker Pro, the industry standard that allows fast and cost-effective adaptations to dynamic business environments.

About Mindfire Solutions

indfire Solutions is a rapidly growing software company with more than 275 full-time developers that specializes in collaborative software development.  Mindfire Solutions is a certified partner for many of the worlds major software companies, including Microsoft, Apple, FileMaker, IBM, Sun, Macromedia, Palm, etc.  Serving customers worldwide, with engineering centers in New Delhi and Bhubaneswar and business offices in the US, Mindfire's development operations incorporate a wide range of technologies and services including: application co-development, porting and testing for the industry’s business, game, wireless and mobile communities.  Mindfire is ISO 9000 certified.
Both companies are members of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

Contact information

LabScoresPeter Sijmons (director)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
direct +31-20-653-246-095

Mindfire Solutions
Chinmoy Panda (CEO)
New Delhi, India
+91-981-002-1107 (direct)

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