Construction Pro Office Release by Pool Pro Office, Inc.

Melbourne, FL – October 8, 2007 - Construction Pro Office, your complete construction management solution, has been released by the developers of Pool Pro Office.

Construction Pro Office allows the construction professional to:

  • create/track permitting,
  • create draw schedule,
  • receive draw payments,
  • create change order,
  • receive change order payment,
  • archive construction drawings,
  • schedule construction events and
  • log electronic communications (email, fax, notes, etc).
“While promoting Pool Pro Office to other pool builders and also talking to home builders about Pool Pro Office, many favorable comments were received on how Pool Pro Office would work for them. To implement for a homebuilder or subcontractor, such as drywall installer or foundation installers, simply changing the milestones would allow for use by these types of businesses. After several inquiries we decided to make it available to the building industry as Construction Pro Office”, said Mark Richter, VP Sales for Pool Pro Office.

Construction Pro Office is a cross platform (runs on Mac OS X and Windows 2000) networked solution that runs on FileMaker Pro 9, the award-winning database software from FileMaker, Inc. The complete solution consists of five (5) FileMaker® Pro client licenses and one (1) FileMaker® Pro Server 9 license. The retail price for this package is $9495 with additional client seats available for $1295 each.  Construction Pro Office is also available as an ASP/SaaS (Application Service Provider/ Software as a Service) starting as low as $55/month/user.

For more information or a FREE online demo visit: , also visit for information about Pool Pro Office.

About Pool Pro Office, Inc.

Pool Pro Office, Inc. is the developer and marketing company for Construction Pro Office.

Construction Pro Office Contact:

Mark Richter
Sales Manager
Construction Pro Office
Pool Pro Office, Inc.
395 Pineda Ct, Suite A
Melbourne, FL 32940
(321) 574-0358

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