Hay & Crop Manager™ Chosen as a 2008 World Ag Expo Top Ten New Product

South Bend, INDIANA, -- September 24, 2007 --Hay & Crop Manager™ has just been chosen as a 2008 World Ag Expo Top Ten New Product and will be featured in a special exhibition area at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California in February 2008. In addition to the exhibition area, the program will be prominently mentioned in the show materials, on their web site and a plaque will be awarded on Media Day.

Hay & Crop Manager™ was originally developed by rancher & hay grower Tara Porterfield (President of Ag-Biz Solutions LLC) for use at a hay ranch she was working at.  After being in use for about 5 years, she decided to have it professionally rewritten from the ground up as a commercial software program for resale to farmers and growers.

Tara contacted Rick Middleton with Excelisys, Inc., www.excelisys.com, a professional custom software development house specializing in FileMaker development, to retain their services. The Excelisys, Inc.’s project team assigned to the project consisted of Kurt Knippel, VP of Development, and Michael Rocharde, one of Excelisys’ lead FileMaker developers,  who were able to produce the award winning solution.  (Originally developed in FileMaker™ 8.5, the program has already been optimized for FileMaker™ 9 with conditional formatting of fields throughout).

From the beginning, the intention was to develop a unique, very user-friendly, interface so that non-computer people would feel comfortable with it.  To achieve this, the interface was designed with iconic farm photographs as navigation and function buttons and many aspects of the program are simply point-and-click so that typing and data entry is minimal.  A comprehensive set of video tutorials make learning the program extremely easy and technical support is available 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm (PST).

The program keeps complete control of everything from the time the fields are planted to the time the final sales payments come in.  Inventory is totally controlled and is added to a contract by simply selecting the crop you want.  The program instantly displays all of the available inventory - you click on the lot, enter the quantity that is being sold and the price and press the Save button.  Inventory levels are automatically updated and once a lot is sold out, it disappears so that it is impossible to sell what you don’t have.  If an item is subsequently cancelled, it immediately becomes available for sale again.

As well as keeping track of inventory and sales, Hay & Crop Manager™, also keeps track of deliveries so that you always know what has been delivered and what is waiting delivery.    Delivery charges can be included on a per contract item basis or can be added to the invoice itself.  Invoices are generated automatically with each delivery and the program instantly assigns payments, to those invoices, where funds are sitting on account.  Deposits can be posted to a contract and applied at a specified time; typically when x % of the contract has been delivered.  Any overpayments are automatically posted to the client account for future use.

Hay and Crop Manager also keeps track of everything that is done to every field (plantings, herbicides, fertilizers, soil tests, etc.) and the costs that are associated with them and you can compare one year to another with the press of a button.  The program also has a very powerful (and simple) report generator
 and a wide range of management reports that are easy to read and understand and which make sense.

Currently there are three optional modules for:

Custom invoicing for services provided to other farmers
Combining barn lots into a single lot
Equipment tracking & maintenance.

Although Hay & Crop Manager™ is not inexpensive ($2,795 for a single user version), the savings in time and the efficiencies gained make it a very attractive investment.  For a farmer with 1000 acres, the first year cost is $2.80 per acre and the program will continue to work (at basically no cost) indefinitely after that.  Just think, no more worrying about what you sold or who you sold it to; no more worrying about where everything is stored or what still needs to be delivered. and no more worrying about who owes you money.  It’s all taken care of, automatically, with minimal effort by the user.

Hay & Crop Manager™ is completely cross platform running on both Windows (inc. Vista OS) and Mac.  Ag-Biz Solutions also offers complete customization services so that clients with a specific need or requirement can be accommodated; in fact, an extra premium package is available that includes 3 custom designed reports and 4 hours of customization services or online training.

For more information visit www.haymanager.com

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