UPS and FedEx Shipping Solutions are Ready for FileMaker Pro 9

Implement simplified shipping workflow solutions with ease Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Milwaukee, WI – July 10, 2007 – NRG Software, LLC. announced the early August availability for it’s FileMaker Pro 9-compatible Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows parcel shipment solutions for UPS and FedEx.  With the release of FileMaker Pro 9, users can now easily access order data stored  on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server datasources for simplified order processing. NRG Software, LLC. will be demonstrating the Package Toolkit solution at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2007 in Orlando, Florida.

NRG Package Toolkit

The Package Toolkit integrates UPS OnLine® Tools or the FedEx Ship Manager API directly into FileMaker Pro databases. Users can create an integrated solution so that they have access to critical shipping information such as rates, shipping and tracking without having to go to the the carrier web site to re-key data, import/export, use a dedicate PC terminal, or setup complex ODBC data exchange.

Direct hardware support is provided for equipment provided by the shipping carriers. On both Mac OS X and Windows, weights can be captured via Mettler-Toledo PS 60 or Fairbanks Ultegra digital scales, and labels can be output to Zebra/Eltron thermal printers or any laser printer.

Founded in 1996, NRG Software, LLC. is committed to bringing cutting edge software to the marketplace. We are a leading developer of custom FileMaker Pro and publishing automation solutions, and were the first to provide carrier-certified shipping solutions for Mac OS X. Specialties include ecommerce, publishing integration/automation and external database connectivity. NRG Software, LLC. is also a UPS Ready developer,  FedEx Compatible Solutions provider, Certified FileMaker Pro 7/8 Developer, member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and a member of the Lasso Partner Alliance.

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