Secures Discount to FileMaker Developer's Conference & Unveils scheduling feature for iPhone

Orlando, FL – July 12, 2007 –, the leading FileMaker-centric networking community officially announced today it has secured a $100 discount with FileMaker Advisor for the 2007 FileMaker Developer’s conference  (DevCon) taking place August 5th -- 9th in Orlando, FL.

“We are absolutely thrilled that FileMaker Advisor extended this discount to FMPug for a second year in a row,” said Andy Gaunt, Founder of “DevCon is a fantastic resource for FileMaker users  and developers and it’s rewarding to be able to
offer a bit of a financial incentive to members who might be debating if they should attend this year or not. Based on last year’s feedback, we know the discount proved to be a great motivator and we believe the additional money saved will swing
more than a few new registrations this year as well.”

In an effort to leverage against the large number of DevCon attendees, FMPug coupled their announcement for the DevCon discount with a new feature for those who own the new Apple iPhone. All attendees, both members and non-members who have purchased the new multi-faceted device now have the ability to see the entire conference schedule, including all applicable details and a PDF of the hotel conference wing’s floor plan directly on their iPhone (  FMPug went on to clarify that while the features were built specifically for the iPhone interface, all may be viewed by other PDA and/or web-enabled devices. An additional feature has been
added as a member-based benefit to allow the scheduling and
recording of individual conference sessions.

“We thought it only appropriate, since FileMaker, Inc. being affiliated with Apple, to design a concept around the awesome capacity of the newly launched iPhone. Everyone attending DevCon now has the ability to look-up and view the entire selection of
conference schedules, including the conference floor plan! We had to add something a little extra special for our members, they’ll have the ability to maintain their schedule for conference sessions – all through their iPhone. Registrations, overviews,
lunches, and dinners will be available at their finger tips without the need to dig through page after page of information or cut and paste applicable details to their respective calendar program. Sure the details can be viewed on other devices, but I
can’t promise it will look as ‘cool’,” added Andy.

FMPug fully expects the discount at DevCon & the new features via iPhone to be well-received. Andy concluded:

“We believe the discount and the new iPhone-based features are perfect compliments to one another. Bottom line, we want our members to get the very most from their FileMaker experience. We believe keeping our members at DevCon on-time, on-track, and with a little more money in their pocket is a great way to do just that.”

The FMPug DevCon discount is valid from July 6th through August 5th & is available to all members of the FMPug community who have yet to register for conference attendance. (Discount available to new registrants only.) Details on how-to take advantage of this discount are available from the members home page at http:// To view the conference calendar & scheduling features via iPhone, check out

The online Developer Conference scheduling data provided is powered in real time by FileMaker Server Advanced 8.0v4.

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FileMaker Excellence Award, FMPug has created one of the first truly virtual communities with FileMaker as its focus. Continually updating its benefit offerings to meet the ever-growing needs of its member base, FMPug prides itself on offering
membership opportunities to anyone & everyone interested in FileMaker. – A Developer’s Best Friend


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