FileMaker Training Series in Newport Beach, Chicago and Washington DC

Chino Hills, Calif., Feb 13th, 2008 -- Well known FileMaker authors John Mark Osborne and Steven Blackwell are teaching the new FileMaker Training Series for FileMaker Pro 9 in Newport Beach, Chicago and Washington DC. The FileMaker Training Series, developed by FileMaker, Inc., is the most comprehensive training available for FileMaker 9. It provides you with the information and materials you need to master FileMaker essentials so you can develop and deploy professional FileMaker solutions as well as prepare for the FileMaker certification exam.

The FileMaker Training Series consists of 12 modules which Database Pros has combined into a 5 day course. You can attend the first three days, the last two days or all 5 days.

  • Planning a FileMaker 9 Solution
  • Developer Skills
  • Advanced Developer Skills
  • FileMaker Server
  • Security

Class Locations for 2008:

  • Newport Beach, CA * - February 19th through February 21st, 2008
  • Chicago, IL - March 17th through March 21st, 2008
  • Washington, DC - April 21st through April 25th, 2008

Each day of the Washington DC and Class is $495.00. Take all 5 days and save $500.00! The Newport Beach course is a special course covering three days of material including new FileMaker 9 features, FileMaker Server and Security. The Newport Beach course also includes a special presentation on ESS by FileMaker, Inc. Systems Engineer Alexei Folger.Discounts are available for FBA members (FileMaker Business Alliance).

The FileMaker Training Series is a hands-on training course covering data modeling, security, relational design, scripting, calculations, reporting, auto-enter, validation, FileMaker Server and more. Everyone will have the use of their own computer the entire time.

To find out more information or register for a class, visit the Database Pros web site:

These courses are also offered privately. Just contact the phone number below for more information.

"We have expanded upon the curriculum to include additional examples, points and concepts from our own experiences as trainers and developers", says John Mark Osborne. "We feel the additional material will assist students in grasping the material. In addition, Steven Blackwell will focus on FileMaker Server and Security like never before".

John Mark Osborne has been working with FileMaker Pro for the last 17 years and has become one of the leading industry experts. John Mark is co-author of the wildly popular Scriptology book and CD ROM which has become the standard for FileMaker Pro developers. Recently, he received a prestigious award from FileMaker, Inc. for developing outstanding technical resources for his popular FileMaker Pro web site, Database Pros . John Mark is also a regular speaker and trainer at MacWorld Expos and the FileMaker Developer Conference. Database Pros works closely with FileMaker, Inc. as one of 25 Platinum level FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance) members and 1 of 12 trainers authorized to teach the Professional Training Series from FileMaker, Inc. John Mark is a certified FileMaker 7 and 8 developer having passed both certification exams.Steven Blackwell is president and founder of Management Counseling Services. Steven has written a multitude of articles for FileMaker Advisor Magazine, white papers for FileMaker, Inc., a video on FileMaker security and the only book on FileMaker security ever written. Steven is a FileMaker 7 and 8 certified developer and one of 25 platinum level FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance) members. With 20 years experience in the FileMaker market, he is a legendary developer known by all.To find out more information or register for a class, visit the Database Pros web site:

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