80th Academy Awards® Credentialing and Seating Solutions Provided by iSolutions and FileMaker Pro®

iSolutions, Inc. provides peace of mind to the Oscars® With Its Credentialing And Seating Solutions

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Feb. 26, 2008 -

iSolutions, Inc ( www.iSolutions-Inc.com ), inventor and leading provider of Flash/Flex and FileMaker ( www.filemaker.com ) integrated solutions, announced today that their Academy Awards Seating Solution was successfully used for the fourth year in a row at the 80th Annual Academy Awards held on Feb. 24.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences used this leading technology during a six-week period prior to the event. The Academy used iSolutions’ “Drag and Drop” Seating Chart Solution to assign seats and issue tickets to each guest attending this year's live televised show, as well as to schedule the official screenings of the nominated films for this year’s Academy voters.

With an integration of FileMaker Pro’s Web Viewer layout object and Adobe Flash® technology, iSolutions seating application managed seating arrangements for the Award Show, Governors’ Ball and Sci-Tech Awards this season.

Using iSolutions’ FileMaker-based seating application for the Governors Ball , AMPAS staff was able to view the entire floor layout along with table and guest details on their computer screens. The software was used for decision making and placement of guests like Daniel-Day Lewis, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and Michael Moore at their respective tables and made seating for the more than 2,000+ invitees much more efficient.

“This year, due to the uncertainty caused by the writer’s strike, we were making constant changes up to the very last minute to accommodate seating needs. The system gave us peace of mind during this abbreviated preparation period, benefiting not only our staff but also those who attended the Awards Show.” says Kevin Kleinhenz, an official for the Academy.

The iSolutions system excels in efficiency and problem mitigation compared to that of the paper-based methods used by AMPAS in the past and by other awards shows even today.

In addition to its Ticketing and Seating Solution, AMPAS used iSolutions’ FileMaker-based Online Registration and Credentialing solution to manage over 800 applications for media credentials.

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iSolutions is one of only 33 FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum members and one of 13 Authorized FileMaker Trainers in the world, specializing in providing custom FileMaker applications and Training for medium to large organizations worldwide. iSolutions has been the pioneer of FileMaker and Flash/Flex based development for over 10 years and currently leads the industry in development of those integrated solutions. The company is based in Los Angeles, California with an office in Chicago and was founded by Cris Ippolite. To learn more about the company please visit their website at www.iSolutions-Inc.com.

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