.com Solutions Inc. Announces FmPro Migrator 4.36 With New Bento to FileMaker Pro Migration Feature at FileMaker Developer Conference

PHOENIX, AZ. - July 14 - .com Solutions Inc. Announces FmPro Migrator 4.36 With New BentoTM to FileMaker® Migration Feature.

FmPro Migrator 4.36 will be demonstrated at the .com Solutions Inc. booth during FileMaker DevCon 2008 in Phoenix, July 13 - 17, 2008. FmPro Migrator 4.36 will include a new Bento to FileMaker migration feature for converting Bento Libraries, data and Forms into FileMaker database files. This new Bento conversion feature is compatible with FileMaker Pro 7, 8 and 9 database files. Bento users can easily convert existing Bento databases into secure, multi-user, cross-platform FileMaker solutions.

Even though Bento only runs on Mac OS X Leopard, FmPro Migrator is able to perform the migration process on either Mac OS X (10.3 or higher) or Windows. FmPro Migrator directly reads the database structure, data, relationships and forms from within the contents of any Bento backup file to perform the migration. Users merely need to drag and drop the Bento backup file onto FmPro Migrator to start the migration process.

FileMaker developers can quickly prototype new solutions using the stylish look and feel of the built-in Bento themes. Bento can be used to speed development with quick prototyping of GUI interfaces due to its auto-alignment of fields and labels. Developers can spend less time moving, aligning, or colorizing objects and let Bento perform this tedious work automatically. Need to change forms to use different themes? Just change the theme for any of your Bento forms, create a Bento backup file, and drag & drop the new backup file onto FmPro Migrator. FmPro Migrator will then instantly read the Bento backup file and convert all the Bento forms into FileMaker Pro layouts. The new layouts can either be manually copied from FmPro Migrator to FileMaker Pro, or copied in an automated manner using FmPro Migrator Developer Edition using QuicKeys/WinAutomation scripts.

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FmPro Migrator Developer Edition includes all the features of FmPro Migrator, but also includes FileMaker Table Consolidation, and automation of the relationship and layout creation process on Mac OS X and Windows.

FmPro Migrator's Bento to FileMaker Conversion Features Include:

  • Bento Form to FileMaker Layout Conversion - FmPro Migrator builds a new FileMaker layout for each user-defined form within the Bento database. Each layout is created to match the theme used on the original Bento form. Field labels are arranged to the left of each field, with the original field background color and text font.
  • Related User Tables - Within Bento, user-defined Libraries are stored as individual tables within the database file. These tables may contain columns pointing to related tables containing URLs, email addresses, and Media file paths. FmPro Migrator captures and recreates these related tables and relationships within the FileMaker Pro database file.
  • Data Transfer - Clicking a single transfer button in FmPro Migrator transfers the data stored within each individual table from Bento into the new FileMaker Pro database.
  • Counter and Auto-Enter SN Fields - Bento includes user-defined Counter and hidden Primary Key fields which are converted into FileMaker Pro Auto-Enter SN# fields. The Auto-Enter Next Value parameter is automatically read from the Bento SQLite database file for creation of the new field within the FileMaker Pro database. Each of these field creation attributes are automatically created by pasting the table definitions from FmPro Migrator into FileMaker Pro Advanced.
  • Automated Creation of Tables/Layouts/Relationships - FileMaker Developers can easily copy and paste the definition of all the Bento tables from FmPro Migrator into FileMaker Pro Advanced. Pasting the table definitions into FileMaker Pro Advanced, will instantly create all the tables.
  • Upsize Bento Databases to FileMaker Pro - Upgrading Bento databases to FileMaker Pro provides enhancements to performance, cross-platform compatibility, ScriptMakerTM scripting, security and multi-user capabilities. Up to 9 users can share a single file using FileMaker Pro 9 peer to peer networking, which is expandable to 250 FileMaker Pro client users when using FileMaker Server or 100 web users when using FileMaker Server Advanced.

Existing FmPro Migrator customers will be able to upgrade to FmPro Migrator 4.36 at no charge. The single-user licensing includes a copy of FmPro Migrator for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. FmPro Migrator customers may upgrade to FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for $100.

For more info please see: http://www.fmpromigrator.com/products/fmpro_migrator


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.com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker, Bento, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and Revolution developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker ScriptMaker scripts, FmPro Layout Diff, compares FileMaker Layouts. FmPro Migrator converts FileMaker databases to and from FileMaker.

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