Excelisys Announces eX-File Jump-Start Solutions at FileMaker Developer Conference

New enhancements for the popular FileMaker Business Tracker

Phoenix, AZ - July 14, 2008 – Excelisys, Inc. is proud to once again be a major sponsor for the annual FileMaker Developer's Conference, July 13-17, 2008 being held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, AZ. And for this auspicious occasion, Excelisys has some very exciting news to announce at this year's FileMaker Developers Conference…

If you'll be attending the conference, please take a moment to stop by our booth in the exhibitor's hall and say hello. You can't miss it. Just remember… "eX" marks the spot!!

Excelisys, Inc., a leader in the FileMaker community since 2001, rose to new heights when they were hired by FileMaker, Inc. in 2004 to create a solution that would utilize the power of the new FileMaker Pro 7 format to afford FileMaker, Inc. customers and developers alike an inside look into how to build something sleek and solid for their clients and/or their own use. To fulfill FileMaker's request, Excelisys created the FileMaker Business Tracker and the rest, as they say, is history. With over 35,000 downloads and a continued growing customer base of satisfied users, Excelisys recognized - "We have something here!"

The FileMaker Business Tracker is still one of the hottest free templates available for download. Developers and end-users find the GUI and feature-set very attractive, as it offers their clients and employers an advantage in building intuitive custom solutions.

Excelisys made much needed improvements to the FileMaker Business Tracker and released their own version in 2006 called the Excelisys Business Tracker and Business Tracker Pro; incorporating the use of the Web viewer engine, a better multi-user foundation, tweaked report interface, AP and AR modules, and several other foundational enhancements.

So for 2008, hold on to your keyboard cause Excelisys plans on giving something more by taking something away from the Excelisys Biz Tracker…

First, The run-down of new features added to the eX Biz Tracker:

  • Solid multi-user foundation supports easy expansion
  • Dynamically built navigation interface based on user privileges
  • Home screen with quick view of invoices and products in need of re-ordering
  • Familiar BACK and FWD controls behave just like in a web browser
  • Advanced multi-sorting of lists and portals
  • Dynamic re-sizing of layouts; objects stretch to fit
  • Track customers, products and invoices with basic inventory control
  • Unlimited locations, phone and email addresses per company/contact
  • Contact import takes a flat file and parses it for proper normalization
  • Automatic phone number formatting based on country
  • Integrated web viewer displays published product info without leaving the solution
  • Processed invoices are automatically locked down to prevent unauthorized editing
  • Integration with NRGship software provides a complete fulfillment solution
  • Track shipment status over the internet
  • Tracks payments against invoices and automatically calculates profit
  • Email PDF invoices directly to customers
  • Extensive use of helpful Tooltips throughout
  • Powerful report engine with report preview
  • Demonstration data can easily be cleared out

What we are taking away…

THE LOCK-DOWN! The Excelisys Business Tracker is now Unlocked, open, and absolutely FREE!

So if you are attending this Year's Developer's Conference, STOP by the Excelisys booth so you can be one of the first to get your copy! This will not be made publicly available on the Excelisys site until August 1st of 2008!

While you are at the booth you can ask about Excelisys' services, peruse their portfolio of clients and solutions, get some other FREE stuff, and of course see demos of their other eX-File jump-start solutions including; eX-Fund, eX-Report Card, eX-Calendar, eX-Mailer, eX-Campaign, and more!

Make sure to watch for additional news and other announcements and maybe even join them on the last night of DevCon for the exclusive invite only "eX On The Beach" party!


About Excelisys, Inc.

Excelisys, Inc., a FileMaker Business Alliance Member with over 10 FileMaker Certified Developers, is a full service custom database development and consulting firm. We are committed to realizing our customer's data system visions and expanding their data solutions beyond even what they had imagined. With additional expertise, aside from FileMaker Pro, in a variety of related web and integrated database technologies, we are able to address the unique needs and demands of today's businesses in this emerging global economy. The Excelisys team, consisting of over 30+ experts, has a solid reputation for providing leading edge technical and business expertise so that our clients can increase profits and productivity above and beyond their competitor's. Since growth and competitive positioning are most often determined by how well businesses manage and react to their data, you should make Excelisys, Inc. your final piece to the development code puzzle as your data solutions partner so that we can help you stay ahead of your competition.

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