FileMaker Bootcamp announces the 2008 Bootcamp training at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California at FileMaker Developer Conference!

PHOENIX, AZ - July 14, 2008 – FileMaker Bootcamp (formerly DataExperience Bootcamp) will be hosting a robust FileMaker Pro training at Pepperdine University. The training will be from December 14th until December 20, 2008, and will be held at the award winning Villa Graziadio at the top of Pepperdine’s main campus in Malibu, California.

FileMaker Bootcamp is designed for FileMaker-centric software developers. This is the only educational series where you will explore the spectrum of software development stages. The program offers advanced thinking in database application design, beginning with relational theory, and including relational architecture, business analysis, project management and user experience design. Bootcamp examines the elements of successful best practices and advanced development techniques in a series of sessions.

FileMaker Bootcamp 2008 is offered as a one price enrollment, which includes tuition, facilities, lodging and meals at Pepperdine University's celebrated Villa Graziadio Executive Center. The meals at Villa Graziadio at excellent, and the dining facilities are very professional, inviting conversation, or the option to step outside to a lovely patio dining are, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The facility offers a separate room for each attendee. Pepperdine is an alcohol-free facility. There will be outings to the beach and a dinner offsite at a well-known Greek Taverna in Malibu.

We encourage carpooling or shuttle transportation to the facility. Once you arrive, there will precious little tile to drive anywhere. This is indeed a "bootcamp" environment, in the sense that it is an intensive learning environment for five+ days. Yet with the luxurious environment, it will feel like a mind-expanding vacation...especially in December!

Speakers at FileMaker Bootcamp include the following:

  • John Mark Osborne
  • David Knight
  • Cris Ippolite
  • Alexei Folger
  • Howard Schlossberg
  • Molly Connelly
  • Scott Newton
  • George Kistler
  • Jonn Howell
  • Zachary Kain
  • …and more

Designed to happen at the opposite Solstice of the FileMaker Developers Conference, FileMaker Bootcamp is a supplement to the Developers Conference and The Professional Training Series. We actively encourage attendance to all these events!

Last year, a Bootcamp attendee expressed the desire to speak at the FileMaker Developers Conference, and we helped make that happen! We cover material that is not covered in other events anywhere in the FileMaker community. While this event is for the FileMaker-centric developer, much of the material covered at FileMaker Bootcamp is designed to work in any software environment, independent of product advocacy. The pace is intense and rich. The days are long, with frequent breaks. This is indeed a "bootcamp" environment, in the sense that it is an intensive learning environment for five+ days. The subject matter has grow and been the agenda refined. This will be the fourth year of Bootcamp, and this will be the biggest and most thorough assembly yet!

FileMaker Bootcamp is designed for everyone. All levels of skill and experience are welcome! We cover the broad scope of development at deep levels, which no other educational intensive can offer. This is not just skill training, it is an educational intensive. We often find that very beginners discover that their lives have been changed by this event. Seasoned developers can also make tremendous progress by attending this event. Often as developers, we find ourselves working in an isolated environment, and we miss the opportunity to gain insights and knowledge of our colleagues. If you want to polish your business analysis and project management skills for working in a FileMaker-centric business environment, this IS the place! Please see the "Testimonials" page on the FileMaker Bootcamp web site for reviews and more information:

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