FM::NEXUS Releases Inspector 2.0

Complete Database Analysis Tool Tracks Multiple Projects And Helps Developers Build Better FileMaker Solutions

Now Optimized For FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced

OAKLAND, Calif., April 9, 2008 –- FM::Nexus, the company committed to helping FileMaker® developers build better solutions, today announced the release and immediate availability of Inspector™ 2.0. Now, developers building FileMaker Pro 9 databases can use Inspector's extended design reports, threaded XML parsing, RedDots™ repair reporting and dozens of other features to analyze, organize and optimize their database development in real-time.

New features in FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced supported by Inspector 2.0 include the FileMaker Pro 9 Database Design Report (DDR), Script Groups, Conditional Formatting Calculations, and ESS tables. Inspector 2.0 also continues to support FileMaker Pro 8.x Advanced.

Inspector 2.0 also improves database version comparisons with real-time progress information, adds “instant search” for layout objects, enhances user interface and documentation, and builds on the product's history as a "must have tool". Inspector's legacy has been the ability to quickly and easily show where problems exist in a database during the development process.

"Inspector has helped thousands of FileMaker developers create better solutions," explained Vincenzo Menanno, founder and president of FM::Nexus. "We're thrilled to offer Inspector 2.0 as a fully optimized version for development of FileMaker Pro 9 solutions, with several improvements based on feedback from independent consultants and teams of FileMaker developers."

Multiple Projects, Assisting Development Teams
Inspector 2.0 allows developers to track multiple projects alongside FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, keeping detailed database metadata organized for review and reporting. When deployed with FileMaker Server, Inspector 2.0 helps multiple members of a development project to collaborate on the same solution, or independent developers to publish their analysis for review by and reporting. When launched as a runtime solution, Inspector runs alongside other development tools, but Inspector 2.0 can also be opened with FileMaker Pro Advanced as an unlocked file in order to customize it.

"Inspector is a great tool for managing revisions to client systems," said Bob Shockey, president, The Alchemy Group, a FileMaker consulting company based in Southern California. "The various reports allow us to keep track of the myriad details that go into managing and maintaining a complex database system."

How FM::Nexus Inspector 2.0 Works
Inspector 2.0's job is to thoroughly analyze the metadata of solutions built with FileMaker software, and then provide the essential information developers need to build rock solid solutions, execute intelligent maintenance and keep solutions problem free.

At the core of Inspector’s powerful analysis capabilities is a multi-threaded XML-parsing engine that efficiently processes important metadata for any database solution being built with FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced. Inspector’s “Red Dots” reporting act as troubleshooting alerts for developers to find hidden problems within the guts of their database code, by graphically highlighting problems in troubled areas for a quick understanding of issues requiring attention.

Starting with FileMaker's built-in Database Design Report (DDR), Inspector generates an eye-popping visual overview of basetables, table occurrences, layouts, scripts, fields, privilege sets and other database elements. The result acts as an extended design report, which clarifies the structure, elements, relationships and other crucial information.

"Inspector has proven invaluable during development of my FileMaker projects," explained Matt Klein, Small Business Computers of New England, Inc., a FileMaker developer specializing in medical information systems. "Inspector gives me peace of mind that I am not missing something. Any time I am not sure where I have used a element in a project, it's only a few clicks away with Inspector."

Compatibility, Availability and Pricing
Inspector 2.0 is available today for US$399 (EUR €225) for single users, and US$999 for a five-user team license. Discounts are available for non-profits, K-12 and higher education institutions, and FileMaker Technical Network (FTN) Members. Inspector 2.0 upgrades are $79 to registered Inspector v1.x customers. Inspector is distributed and supported by our partner firm beezwax datatools, Inc., and available through the online store at or by calling 1-888-835-4483 (in the U.S. & Canada).

Inspector 2.0 works with FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, as well as FileMaker Pro 8.x Advanced, and is supported on Mac OS X (compatible with Tiger 10.4 and Leopard 10.5), or on Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000.

Detailed product information for Inspector 2.0, and a fully-functional, time-limited demo are available by visiting the FM::Nexus web site at


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