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ORLANDO, FL – 28 March 2008 -, the leading FileMaker-centric networking community unveiled their 2008 DevCon Scheduler today; marking the follow-up to the successful introduction made in 2007 ( The Scheduler enables any/all attendees the ability to see the entire conference schedule, including all applicable details and a snapshot of the conference wing’s floor plan directly on their respective web-enabled device. Last year the Scheduler was targeting attendees with the then newly launched Apple iPhone, however this year the interface has been redesigned to look its best on any web-enabled device. As it relates to the redesign and bringing all web-enabled devices in to the fold, Andy Gaunt, Founder of had this to add:

"My personal love affair/bias toward the iPhone aside, I wanted to ensure the Scheduler could be successfully utilized and look equally ‘cool’ on any web-enabled device. After all, we can’t play favorites when it comes to keeping these attendees organized, on-time and heading in the right direction."

Andy went onto explain that all attendees will be able to view the schedules and floorplan, however an additional feature has been added for members of FMPug which allows them to log-in and record their personal schedule of conference sessions.

"We had to add something a little extra special for our members. Using the assigned code from their FMPug Member Page, they’ll be able to log-in once, bookmark that page and maintain their entire schedule for conference sessions. Registrations, overviews, lunches, and dinners will be available at their finger tips without the need to dig through page after page of information or cut and paste applicable details to their respective calendar program."

FMPug fully expects the Scheduler to once again be well-received by the attendees. Andy concluded:

"It was simply incredible to see the number of people last year wandering around DevCon studying their Scheduler. Between the email announcements, its honorable mention by FileMaker Corporate during the keynote presentation and attendee word-of-mouth, we were thrilled to witness its success first-hand! I knew I would be bringing it back with a vengeance for 2008. With the growing success of the iPhone and the great feedback received from people who actually used the Scheduler, I fully expect to double the number of attendees roaming around studying it intensely! It will be exciting to see."

FMPug’s 2008 DevCon Scheduler is available to everyone and anyone who might be attending DevCon, simply visit Details on how-to take advantage of the personalized scheduling feature (available only to members of the FMPug community) will be posted on the FMPug Member Homepage. The DevCon Scheduler is powered by FileMaker Server 9 Advanced and coded using the FileMaker PHP API.

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If you are not a member yet, you have no time to lose. You can Join the FMPug network today from only $99 for a virtual membership ( and not only get the opportunity to record your schedule but also get instant access to all the benefits and perks that FMPug offers. The gang at FMPug has been working really hard to make our site and membership benefits even more robust! Only this week we launched the brand-new site, retooled and redesigned from the ground-up. The new site has incorporated feedback and suggestions gathered from members as to what they’re looking for in a development/network community.

Infrastructure for is provided by our friends at who provide dedicated FileMaker, Web & Email Servers for is just one of many FMPug discount providers offering members savings on their products.

The 2008 FileMaker Developer’s Conference will be held in Phoenix, AZ from July 13-17. Please visit // for details and registration.

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