GreenPages Announces New VMware Jump Start Program for FileMaker Virtualization Solutions at FileMaker Developer Conference

PHOENIX, AZ—July 14 2008—GreenPages Technology Solutions, a national IT solutions provider, announced today that it is offering FileMaker (FM) virtualization solutions to FileMaker developers and consultants. The VMware Jump Start program for FileMaker lets organizations quickly implement virtualization technologies within their network.

“FileMaker is a great candidate for virtualization,” said Mike Healey, GreenPages’ CTO. “By virtualizing the server, you get better utilization of the base hardware, plus the additional benefits of server snapshots, hardware failover, even load balancing.”

GreenPages is a VMware Premier Partner—part of an elite one percent of solution providers worldwide who have reached VMware’s highest partner level status. To attain VMware Premier Partner status, companies must demonstrate rigorous technical staff certifications and posses the resources to assess, design, implement, manage, and support virtualized environments. GreenPages has 12 VCP internal engineers on staff and is a member of VMware’s Partner Technical Advisory Board—one of only 15 partners appointed in the Americas.

According to Gartner, Inc., “Virtualization will be the highest-impact trend changing infrastructure and operations through 2012. Virtualization will transform how IT is managed, what is bought, how it is deployed, how companies plan, and how they are charged.”

GreenPages’ relationship with FileMaker extends back to 1992. In fact, the company’s core operations run on a FileMaker-based system, uniquely positioning the company not only as an integrator, but a direct user of the solution. GreenPages’ FileMaker system is one of the most complex and highly integrated FileMaker solutions in the United States, integrating between Great Plains, SharePoint, MySQL, and more than seven direct vendor feeds. Added Healey, “GreenPages has the background, knowledge, and infrastructure to support the largest, most complex FileMaker virtualization initiatives.”

GreenPages supports the FM community by providing developers with a complete range of IT and infrastructure solutions including a data management, network and infrastructure, and technology procurement solutions.


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