NRG announces updates for UPS and FedEx Toolkits at FileMaker Developer’s Conference

NRG expands the NRGship line to include FileMaker toolkit solutions for all the major carriers.

PHOENIX, AZ– July 14th, 2008 – NRG expands the NRGship FileMaker toolkit line to include USPS via Endicia and DHL and updates the popular UPS and FedEx editions as well.

“The NRGship toolkits allow you to ship with ease directly from your FileMaker Pro database without the need to setup complex ODBC connections to carrier solutions with Server Advanced.” Says Andy Knasinski, founding partner of NRG Software. “And the solutions can be used in a multi-user environment like any FileMaker application, unlike carrier provided solutions.”

Whether a company is shipping a dozen packages per day from a single workstation or hundreds of packages a day from multiple workstations, NRGship toolkits scale to meet customer needs.

All of the tools allow FileMaker developers to easily integrate shipping into existing FileMaker solutions and provide direct transactional shipment processing with the carriers online services so that you can take advantage of rate & service selection, international and domestic shipping, tracking, transit times, and returns processing. All of the NRGship toolkits integrate with scales and thermal printers.

Multi-carrier Solutions are just a step away.

“We are seeing more and more customers using USPS for international, and FedEx or UPS for day to day domestic shipping” says Chris Larson, Partner and head of business development at NRG. “Even though 80 or 90% of their shipping is with one carrier, they want to have the same workflow regardless of what carrier they choose. By licensing 2 of more of the toolkits, FileMaker developers can actually customize a multi-carrier shipping portal, allowing the business user to compare rates, services and select the appropriate method right from their solution”

NRG looking to grow the list of NRG Ready partners

NRG Ready is a program to offer FileMaker based software publishers a simple way to offer multiple shipping carrier options within their solutions. “By enabling their applications as NRG Ready, publishers expand their offering and their customers only license the carriers they use” says Larson.

Find out more about the complete NRGship line, developer programs and NRG Ready program at


About NRG Software, LLC.

NRG Software is a business productivity software company, creator of NRGship, NRGvalidate and other time saving software applications. Our flagship product line is NRGship, complete shipping software for UPS, FedEx, USPS via Endicia and DHL. NRG Software is the only software company to offer all major carrier shipping solutions for Filemaker and for the Mac platform.

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