Reliable Softworks wins FMTouch Developers Highest Award

tCRM Software application soon to be released for iPhone

Plaistow, NH - October 29, 2008 – Reliable Softworks (RSW) announced today that their newest software solution, "tCRM," is the first place winner of a development competition sponsored by FMWebschool in Richmond, Virginia. tCRM is a complete customer relationship management database, which can be used remotely on any iPhone and then easily synched to its desktop counterpart via the Internet.

FMWebschool is well known for developing the FMTouch system already being used on the Apple iPhone. FMTouch is an iPhone "App" which gives users the ability to have their FileMaker databases with them no matter where they are, and they don't have to be connected to the Internet. In order to be competitive in the business applications marketplace, RSW was challenged to provide them with a 'ready made' solution that they can then offer for use with their FMTouch program.

According to Stephen Knight, a top Developer for FMWebschool, "RSW won an overwhelming victory. It's obvious they spent a lot of time on the tCRM application because they sent us both a desktop and actual iPhone version. RSW submitted a great CRM application and we really liked the look and ease of use. Of all the databases we received leading up to this award; RSW's tCRM database is brilliant. They did an amazing job."

The founders of RSW have over 70 years of retail and service experience and understand how critical a robust business system is. With this experience in mind, they designed proven software solutions to work in harmony with day-to-day business operations, and use their own software daily in their sister appliance retail sales and service stores. Reliable Softworks produces easy to use software solutions that are affordable and can be tailored for each customer's workforce. The RSW team works with each client to customize a system that works just the way they need it to.

Mike Baron, President of RSW is thrilled about his company's new software and believes tCRM is the perfect application for a small service business or a global sales force. "This is further testimony of how cutting edge all RSW solutions are. They are so easy to run and there are virtually no instructions needed. Our development team, under the leadership of Andy Frazier, continues to go above, beyond, and then some on everything they do and that is why our products are unparalleled in the market," he said.

Andy Frazier, Senior Developer and Co-founder for RSW had this to say, "We are proud to have won this award. We were very excited when we heard about the opportunity to provide solutions for the mobile device market and this was a great way to explore the possibilities."

The RSW tCRM software will be available for purchase and download on the FMTouch App store opening on November 3, 2008 at

For more information about Reliable Softworks, visit or contact Mike Baron at

About RSW: Inspired in response to an urgent need of its sister company Baron's Major Brands, Reliable Softworks was established in 2007. The service and POS system was created by RSW's cofounder, Andy Frazier with the guidance and instruction of Baron's owner, Mike Baron. It worked so well that its Mike Baron decided to go into the software business. Today, this software solution is fast becoming 'the one to use' in the appliance industry.

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