San Francisco, CA, August 13, 2009 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems releases an official 1.0 release of CNS Audit, a FileMaker Pro Plug-In. CNS has steadily worked on and refined this plug-in to make it the easiest Audit Trail plug-in to add to your databases. The 1.0 release is up to 100 times faster than the preview versions and includes full Roll Back support for undoing field changes and record deletions. CNS Audit is available immediately at for both Mac OS® X and Windows®.

CNS also announces that all CNS Plug-ins are available at 10% off their normal prices during the 2009 FileMaker Developers Conference. To take advantage of this, simply use the "Coupons" link at the bottom of the Product Purchase webpage and add the "DevCon Special" coupon.


Safeguarding your data is an important, and often daunting, task. We at CNS Plug-ins want to help ease your mind. CNS Audit is a plug-in that takes the headache out of creating an Audit Trail of your data. Whether you just want peace of mind about being able to get a record back that you have accidentally deleted or if you have to comply to regulatory mandates like HIPAA, you can use CNS Audit to create an Audit Trail of your data within minutes.

What's New

  • Rewrote core Record and AccessLog functions and many other internal functions to increase the auditing speed up to 100 times faster than previous versions.
  • Added RecordDelete function for specifically auditing record deletions to deal with issues like double delete entries in the CNS Audit Log table.
  • Added RollBack function for undoing field changes and record deletions.
  • Added StartupFile and ShutdownFile functions to setup or close down CNS Audit for database files as they are opened and closed.
  • Added an Action field to the CNS Audit Log table for recording what type of change prompted the creation of the audit record.
  • Added a FileName field to the CNS Audit Log and CNS Access Log tables for recording the file name of the database that contains the field or action being audited.
  • Added a MachineAddress field to the CNS Audit Log and CNS Access Log tables for storing the IP and NIC Addresses of the machine where the audit occurred.
  • Added ListSiblingIDs function to retrieve a list of Sibling Table IDs for any specific table to aid in processing the CNS Audit Log table.
  • Added VersionAutoUpdate function for easily getting version information for use with Auto Update.
  • Imported core plug-in updates from other CNS Plug-ins.

Pricing and Availability

CNS Audit is available immediately at for both Mac OS® X and Windows®. You can download a full-working Demo copy of the plug-in to test it out before purchasing.

This version is a free upgrade for anyone with a 0.5.x license, all you need to do is download the 1.0 version and install it. However, there have been some changes to the best way to implement the plug-in, so upgrading users should read the included documentation.

A 1-User License for the client version of CNS Audit is $95. There are several other price points on the purchase page for the plug-in. And don't forget to add the DevCon 2009 10% off coupon when purchasing during the week of DevCon!

Review copies for article write-ups are available upon request. Please contact us at if you are interested in reviewing the plug-in.

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Phone: 817-238-1688

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