Digital Fusion launches Reactor 3 UI Extension Kit for FileMaker Pro at 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference

Christchurch, New Zealand, August 13, 2009 -- Digital Fusion Ltd announces the release of Reactor V3, the UI Extension Kit for FileMaker Pro®: save time, impress users and do the impossible with new controls for FileMaker layouts.

The award winning Fusion Reactor plugin is now fully extensible with "Add-On BlackBoxes" and ships with a suite of new controls including 3 powerful new Calendars, Sortable Lists, Tag Manager, Color Picker and Gantt Chart 2. Reactor adds rich new User Interface controls to FileMaker and BlackBoxes are simply Reactor's way of making them as easy to use as a FileMaker function.

"Add-on BlackBoxes open a new world of opportunity for FileMaker developers, allowing anyone to produce exciting new user interface controls (widgets) for FileMaker - this is going to rock the FileMaker world yet again." says CEO Craig Saunder

As if that weren't enough Digital Fusion have released a FREE Lite version, which includes DayCal Lite, a true drag and drop calendar control that is simple to implement. Reactor Lite simply requires free registration to fully enable the basic set of controls including DayCal Lite, OS Buttons, PopupMenus, Slider, LiveField and ImageFlow.

The Reactor 3 Developer Advanced version includes the all new "BlackBox Builder", a database that compiles all the resources needed to implement a BlackBox control into one single distributable file. For hard-core developers who want to build their own controls this is the ultimate tool they've been waiting for..

For regular FileMaker database developers, Add-On BlackBoxes mean you can add or update User Interface controls by loading a file into a container field and executing a single command: no complex installation and not even a restart... just instant new functionality. Add-On BlackBoxes can be produced by other developers too, so you won't need to learn any JavaScript if that's not your scene.

Finally, Reactor is now available in a Product license for developers of vertical market solutions who need an unlimited distribution license to go with their product.

During DevCon 2009 Digital Fusion are giving away a specially produced limited edition CD of contemporary music by New Zealand artists. Attendees can register at the Reactor stand during the conference for their free copy.

Give your solutions an edge: Save Time, Impress Users, and Do the Impossible - try Reactor at or visit the Reactor stand at DevCon.

Digital Fusion would like to thank existing clients who've supported us, plus special mention to Todd Geist and Micah Woods who provided inspiration for some of the new features that make Reactor 3 so cool.

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