LicenseLiaison Public Beta Program Launched

License activation and management for the professional FileMaker Pro developer

MILWAUKEE, WI - January 13, 2009 - Thetasphere, LLC announced the launch of their new LicenseLiaison software and service (, a unique combination of a FileMaker Pro file, remote authentication server, and powerful online web interface.

LicenseLiaison goes beyond typical license generation algorithms that are simply embedded into distributed solutions. LicenseLiaison provides the FileMaker Pro developer with tools to protect their intellectual property without the need of complex scripting, plug-ins, or physical keys. It’s not copy protection, it’s license management. Developers have complete control over the number of installs allowed per license.

LicenseLiaison gives developers the ability to easily offer free trial periods and money-back guarantees with integrated license modes such as Trial, Paid, & Refunded. License modes are quickly and easily changed via the developer’s on-line web interface.

Features at the license level include version control, expiration dates, simultaneous user control, install limits, and even powerful custom parameters. Custom parameters allow the developer to inject their own strings into licenses remotely. Once the strings are injected, their solution can parse those strings and take whatever action is necessary. Custom parameters are ideal for enabling or disabling features within their solution remotely, and when combined with the powerful script triggers available in FileMaker Pro 10, LicenseLiaison custom parameters can become quite sophisticated.

Pricing and Availability

LicenseLiaison is currently in public beta. Developers are encouraged to participate. Developers that do participate are eligible for discounts and entry in a drawing. See website for details. Subscription levels include: Free, $4.95/mo., and $9.95/mo. See website for additional details.

Solution Requirements

LicenseLiaison will work with .fp7 files from FileMaker Pro version 9 and above.

About Thetasphere, LLC

Thetasphere, LLC ( is a leading developer of FileMaker solutions and services; providing development services to specialized clients, and to customers within the Graphics industry. Thetasphere, LLC is privately owned.

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