New 2empowerfm Layout Painter Draws Multi-Row & Scrolling Tabs On Filemaker Pro Layouts

VALLEY VILLAGE, Calif. -- August 20, 2009 – Dracoventions today announced the release of a new version of 2empowerFM Layout Painter that can draw tabs on any flat side of an area in a FileMaker Pro layout. Tabs of varying colors and labels that are controlled by a single calculation and single script may appear on any number of layouts within multiple databases. Layout Painter works in FileMaker Pro v7 through v10 on both Windows and Macintosh.

A new manual is included that demonstrates multi-row image-based tabs and single-row calculation-generated tabs with arrows that let you scroll additional tabs into view.

Layout Painter can also change the color of any part of your layout: It can match the color of the background to the color of some aspect of each record or make a rounded box red to warn the user of a condition.

If a layout field is empty, you can draw light-grey instructions inside of it or draw a button over it.

Save money and reduce waste by printing on partial label sheets: Let users click the labels they want to print on in Preview mode, then draw over the Preview to show which labels will be printed (new example included in manual).

“The possibilities are limitless when you can paint and color your layouts using scripts and calculations,” says developer, Chris Dragon.

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Pricing and Availability

2empowerFM Layout Painter is available for $99.00 for a single-user license with discounts on multi-user and developer licenses.

Visit to purchase online or download a fully-functional 30-day trial.

International orders are welcome.

About the 2empowerFM Plugin Suite:

Developed for internal use at The Children's Nature Institute in 2006, these FileMaker plugins are well-tested, save development time, automate repetitive tasks, and create an easier user interface for staff. Packed with no-nonsense, real-world features, these plugins empower your FileMaker solutions in so many ways:

  • Create Dialogs with unlimited controls: buttons, stylized text, menus, and more
  • Search to find a string in the Script Manager or Define Database windows
  • Print "hands free" with scriptable printer selection and control of all options
  • Regular expression search and replace in strings with advanced Perl-compatible syntax
  • Use global or per-layout hotkeys to start or resume scripts
  • Pop-up multi-level menus anywhere - use them to replace rows of buttons
  • ...and much more.

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