Savvydata Announces Data Visualization Classes For Filemaker Pro

Charting and Dashboard Design Courses Most Comprehensive Available

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - October 26, 2009 - SavvyData today announced availability of two new FileMaker training courses entitled 'Ace of Charts' and 'Dashing Dashboards' for the FileMaker Pro platform. Both classes directly address the growing need for FileMaker Pro developers to provide graphical information displays for their database solutions. The principles taught are identical to those guiding management and decision support tools costing hundred of thousands of dollars. Drawing on their decades of experience with FileMaker Pro, information design, and technical communications, SavvyData instructors are sharing timely development methods and business knowledge that reflect the changing face of how people interact with databases.

"Clients are clamoring for more modern management tools to help them run their organizations" says Lee Lukehart, SavvyData's Founder and Chief Data Visualist. "The Fortune 100 have been increasing their investment in BI [Business Intelligence] tools every year for the last decade-about how long the term BI has been in widespread use. According to IDC, the amount spent on BI tools last year was almost $8 billion worldwide. Luckily for our clients for whom we create FileMaker Pro solutions, the price of admission is a bit lower."

'Ace of Charts' Class

This class reveals the Art and Science of adding dynamic charts & graphs to FileMaker Pro solutions. 'Ace of Charts' is an eye-opening examination of the means and mechanisms for adding attractive, useful charts & graphs to existing FileMaker solutions. Three different development methods for constructing charts in FileMaker are covered, to provide deployment options appropriate for any organization:

  • Plug-ins and container fields (xmCHART, 360Works Chart)
  • HTML/Flash in a Web Viewer (FusionCharts, FusionMaps, Maani SWF Charts, Google Charts API)
  • FileMaker-native primitives (calculations, repeating fields, conditional formatting)

The capabilities and pros & cons of each approach will be explained and demonstrated.

Students will leave this class with an understanding of the three distinctly different techniques for implementing charting in FileMaker Pro, along with working example files for each that can be adapted for user solutions.

'Dashing Dashboards' Class

Learn how to go about creating graphical information dashboards for your FileMaker-centric solution. The class content describes the technical and business processes needed to implement visual dashboards, scorecards, and other decision support systems that monitor selected key performance indicators (KPIs).

Recommended for...

  • In-house developers* responding to management's requests
  • Independent developers* wishing to provide additional functionality
  • Managers* of developers of information visualization systems

(*attendees should be comfortable with FileMaker layout mode, calculation fields, and relating tables; the 'Ace of Charts' workshop as a prerequisite is highly recommended)

This 'Dashing Dashboards' class provides an enlightening look into the current thinking and best practices around information visualization. We acknowledge our debt to the works of Alan Cooper, Jakob Nielsen, Donald Norman, Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, various CHI (computer-human interaction) groups, and other pioneers of datavis usability. You'll learn about designing effective information display and user interaction capabilities appropriate for your target audience.

About SavvyData

SavvyData knows how to make data work smarter. The company builds custom database solutions and data-driven Web sites, empowering clients to collect, use, augment, analyze, transform and share this digital lifeblood called data. Ever the technologist mentors, SavvyData staff teach, write articles, and present at industry events. SavvyData is a division of Lifescope Inc., a 15-year old company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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