Scodigo Offers Free PHPx Plug-in for FileMaker Pro Development During the 2009 FileMaker Developer Conference

Get your very own FileMaker Pro plug-in function that does exactly what you want

Kalamazoo, Michigan – August 13, 2009. Scodigo is offering free development of PHPx functions for users of our award-winning SmartPill PHP plug-in for FileMaker Pro. This offer is good for the first 10 people that stop by our booth and fill out our function request form.

What Is PHPx?

PHPx allows SmartPill to dynamically load additional plug-in functions. New functions will magically appear in the FileMaker calculation dialog and can then be used just like any other function. No PHP experience is required. We currently offer PHPx functions for file, HTTP, FTP, script triggering, encryption, and barcode generation. Other ideas include credit card processing, send/receive email, regular expressions, base 64 encode/decode, LDAP, SSH, shell, zip, image manipulation, SQL and more. Have an idea? Let us know!

30% Off Devcon Special!

All SmartPill licensing will be 30% off during Devcon and for the following week (offer ends August 24, 2009).

What Is SmartPill?

SmartPill does one simple but very powerful thing; it allows you to run PHP code and return the results back to FileMaker. Putting the power of PHP inside FileMaker opens a whole new world of possibilities. Visit PHP's website to view a complete list of functions:

Just a few of the things you can do:

  • Send and receive email
  • Send and receive files using FTP
  • Get URLs (with SSL support)
  • Read and write to Active or Open Directory with LDAP functions (with LDAPS support)
  • Communicate with web services
  • Encrypt and decrypt your data
  • Execute shell commands and return the results
  • XML, XSL and XPath functions
  • Read and write to files on disk
  • Connect to MySQL, MSSQL and Postgres databases
  • Utilize the power of regular expressions
  • Access an extensive set of string functions
  • Read and write zip files
  • Create and manipulate images
  • Read EXIF data from image files

And with SmartPill's PHP Extension, you can interact with FileMaker from within your PHP code to:

  • Evaluate FileMaker calculations
  • Perform scripts
  • Execute SQL
  • Create application level variables
  • Prompt for file and folder locations using standard OS dialogs
  • Show progress bars

Mac OSX Intel:


Pricing starts at US$89.00 with upgrades starting at US$49. Visit our website for more details:

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