vVizion’s Virtual Desktops Allows FileMaker Developers to turn Desktop Applications into Cloud Computing Applications

Howell, NJ, August 13, 2009 -- Awaisi, Inc. is pleased to offer on-demand virtual desktops and servers through its vVizion, Inc. branded services. vVizion, Inc. currently offers two major products, vOfficetm and Office in a Boxtm.

vOfficetm: As the market has started to move towards cloud computing, enterprise-level applications can now be created on the web. While these Web 2.0 applications offer features such as ease of access through any web browser, they are lacking on some of the full functionality that FileMaker Pro applications have had, such as database locking and auto-saving records. vVizion’s solution to this quandary of full functionality vs. cloud computing is a Web 3.0 solution, vOffice. vOffice is a virtual desktop that can be accessed from any Internet connection, upon which a FileMaker developer can deploy applications to their client base. Because vOffice is a desktop environment, the developer can make full use of all the tools and features of a full installation of FileMaker Pro; because the desktop can be accessed from anywhere, the developer has the benefits of global access for the application created in FileMaker Pro.

The vOffice desktop comes in the following packages:


  • Windows XP or Vista via ICA
  • Wyse Thin Client for remote access
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Security Software includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam
  • Exchange Email Account
  • Windows Mobile Access for PDA
  • Toll Free number for support


  • Windows XP or Vista via ICA
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Security Software includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam
  • Toll Free number for support


  • Windows XP or Vista via ICA
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Security Software includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam
  • Email Support

vOffice can be and is being used in the following configurations:

  • Support outside users with desktop with internal company software and data, e.g., FileMaker databases, Quickbooks data, customized Outlook configuration. With outside users on
  • vOffice, there is no need for remote support of user’s PC.
  • Virtual Windows server configured as a FileMaker Server, utilizing datacenter-level throughput. Virtual Windows server can be configured with FileMaker Server companion programs and scheduled scripts.
  • Outsourced workers perform work on virtual desktop, allows for finer management and control of resources.
  • Virtual Windows server configured as Backup Domain Controller off of customer premises.
  • Road warriors travel with vanilla laptop and access vOffice as needed. No concern if Customs or Immigration wants to confiscate laptop.

Contact us to get a customized quote for your environment.

Office in a Boxtm: Office in a Boxtm offers the same features and functionality of vOfficetm running on hardware on the customer’s premises. Some of the cost savings and feature enhancements include:

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Business Continuity
  • Virtual Lab Automation
  • Enterprise Desktops

Cost savings using Office In A Boxtm can be up‐to 70% depending upon the environment.

Partner Program: For IT shops and consultant firms, be sure to inquire about the benefits of bringing vOfficetm and Office in a Boxtm to your clients.

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