Acordex Imaging Systems announces launch of Reseller Program

North Andover, MA August 16, 2010 — As sales of Macintosh computers have grown over the past several years, more organizations are looking for production oriented scanning systems that run on Macintosh computers. Resellers and consultants who serve organizations with document scanning needs on Macintosh computers can now join a new Acordex Reseller program. This will qualify them for a discount when purchasing dockeep scanning software for resale to their clients.

Dockeep satisfies the demand for mid-range document management requirements. It fills the gap between products designed for the individual user who scans just a few pages on occasion and the high-volume customer who may scan thousands of pages every day. Dockeep provides a mid-range solution that is ideal for small to medium businesses, firms and health care providers. These organizations frequently scan hundreds of pages or more. Using entry-level products results in prohibitively high labor costs because the hardware is too slow and the software is does not provide the needed features.

Dockeep supports mid to high end Fujitsu scanners that scan from 30 to 180 pages per minute. It offers features that make production scanning efficient. The ability to instantly remove, replace and add pages to a document are vital when dealing with large documents. Integration with important software such as filemaker and macpractice are examples of how dockeep provides efficient production scanning that can be integrated with your environment. Details of these capabilities can be found at

About Acordex Imaging Systems
Acordex develops advanced software specializing in the application of imaging technology to reduce the costs of document management. Acordex products reduce the cost of processing paper documents, distributing work and maintaining a safe image archive. Acordex has created high-performance imaging solutions on the Macintosh since 1989 and has delivered software to oems, resellers and end users on six continents. For more information, please see: or call 978-975-8000.

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