Comm-Unity Networking Systems Releases Cns Barcode 1.0, A Barcode Scanning And Generating App

Fort Worth, TX, October 12, 2010 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems has announced the immediate availability of CNS Barcode for iPhone/iPod, a new app for scanning and generating barcodes, which takes advantage of new features in FileMaker(R) Go to bring barcode scanning and generating to your FileMaker databases. CNS Barcode is available via the iTunes App Store. More information can be found at

CNS Barcode and FileMaker Go

The power behind CNS Barcode is not just scanning and generating barcodes. CNS Barcode can be launched from other iOS apps on your device using the cnsbarcode:// URL Scheme. This is a very powerful feature that allows you to add the functionality of scanning and generating barcodes to any app that can launch URLs and in turn be launched by a URL. An example of such an app is FileMaker Go. With a specially designed FileMaker Go database, you could, for example, press a button to launch CNS Barcode, scan a product barcode, and have CNS Barcode launch a URL to run a script in FileMaker Go. The FileMaker Go script could then use the barcode data to add a product to an invoice or locate an item in your product database.

See the app in action.

"We're excited about CNS Barcode for the iPhone," said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc. "We believe it's just the start of a trend of apps that will integrate with FileMaker Go."

CNS Barcode Features

  • Scan a variety of barcode symbologies including Code 3 of 9 (Code 39), Code 3 of 9 Ext. (Code 39+), Code 128, Databar-14, Databar-14 Stacked, EAN, EAN 14, EAN 128, ISBN (EAN-13), QR Code, UPC A, and UPC E
  • Scan from any angle
  • Scan multiple barcodes
  • Generate barcodes from data you provide
  • Launch other iOS apps after scanning barcodes
  • Launch CNS Barcode from other iOS apps
  • Launch URLs found in barcodes (http://, sms://, tel://, fmp7:// etc.; can even include username and password credentials)
  • Perform product searches
  • Scan barcodes into FileMaker Go databases
  • Create Profiles for processing barcodes
  • Copy barcode data/images to the Clipboard
  • Save barcode images to the Photo Library
  • and more...

*Note: Barcode Scanning via a camera is not available on iOS devices that lack a camera.

Pricing and Availability

CNS Barcode is available through the iTunes App Store for $14.99. Simply search for it by the name "CNS Barcode". More information can be found at

Promotional Codes for article write-ups are available upon request. Please contact us at if you are interested in reviewing the app.


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PO Box 137559
Fort Worth, Texas 76136

Phone: 817-238-1688

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