KiBiz 5.5, Ready to Run on FileMaker Pro 11

Released with new KiBiz Mobile to Connect to Live Biz Data Anywhere

Thousand Oaks, Calif , -- March 9, 2010 -- Ki Systems, Inc is excited to announce the release of KiBiz 5.5 and the introduction of KiBiz Mobile. KiBiz Mobile is built upon powerful FileMaker API for PHP to serve live Sales and Customer data to any Smartphone device via the Browser or on any Desktop Browser.

With this new web application Sales staff can now view, create or edit sales, products, contacts on your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, PalmPre, or Nexus One. No syncing required.

Customers can use KiBiz Mobile to login into their Accounts to view their Order History, place new orders, get shipping tracking data, and pay their bill.

Stay connected to your business wherever you are, and give yourself the freedom to conduct your business from wherever you choose to be. Gain more business from your customers by making it easier for them to place orders. Cut down on Customer Service calls by making Shipping information readily available. Get paid faster by making available a place for your customers to pay you via a Mobile or Desktop browser.

KiBiz Mobile works in conjunction with KiBiz 5.5 and FileMaker Server.  KiBiz 5.5 is a customizable integrated multi-user business management and accounting system that fosters greater productivity and efficiency. From managing contacts, staff and customer relations, to managing the sales, inventory, purchasing, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, and accounting, KiBiz has it all. 

With KiBiz Mobile you can now know where your business stands, know your customer contact info, know your inventory, and know your sales at anytime, and anywhere.  This will give you more flexibility and freedom to do your work and enjoy your life in a more balanced way. 

KiBiz 5.5 is a powerful business tool that you can enter data one time and use it multiple ways.  You can stop time consuming workarounds, and automate your business processes. It's more than a place to store data, it's a powerful engine to drive and automate your business processes!  KiBiz is open for you or us to customize it to create an integrated work flow that fits your business and operates at optimal speed, flexibility, and profitability.

Many of our customers have reported that the time and money they saved in using KiBiz 5.5  paid for itself in a very short time.  Trey Miller, IT manager at EMA, said, "It is like adding several new staff persons, without the extra cost of managing or paying for them."  

Consider having one place to track your contacts, products, sales, purchases, and accounting.  By automating the sales process, you can handle more business in a shorter time.   Once you enter a sale, KiBiz 5.5 gives you options to auto create work orders, sales orders, purchase orders, production orders, and invoices with the click of one button.

That's real power, creating so many results with just one click!

KiBiz 5.5 is something important for you to take a look at, for it can make the difference in not only surviving, but thriving in this tough business environment.  It can give you that competitive edge to serve your customers faster and better. 

KiBiz 5.5 is also very affordable with its new pricing!
Compared to other business software systems that can sometimes cost in the tens of thousands of dollars, KiBiz 5.5 can be implemented for much less.

So, check out the new KiBiz 5.5 demo and the new pricing on our new website at Or, call 800-946-2854 to schedule an online demo.

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