MightyData™ Unveils new branding at FileMaker Developer Conference 2010

SAN DIEGO, Calif., --August 2010 --Now is the time for celebration. Big changes are in store for MightyData and we’re proud to share them with you. At FileMaker DevCon 2010, witness the unveiling of our powerful new branding efforts: A new look. A new swagger. And a new take on technology that will transform the industry.

Technology to Transform
Our new branding efforts include a complete overhaul of the MightyData brand and Web site, not to mention a shift in philosophy. “We not only want to transform the way our customers think about and use technology, but also to create extraordinary value for their bottom line,” says Kirk Bowman. “Ultimately, we’ll help customers thrive on technology - technology to transform their business from respectable to remarkable. That’s why we chose DevCon 2010. It’s the perfect venue to introduce our revamped brand for the first time to our colleagues, peers, customers, and friends at FileMaker who host such a tremendous event year after year.”

The Coaches Corner

To celebrate the unveiling of our new brand, we are offering 30 minutes of FREE coaching with MightyData at Booth 9—The Coach’s Corner. Attendees can register by calling or texting “game” to 972-591-1780, or by e-mail to info@mightydata.com. We’ll coach them through those complex technical problems to help them satisfy their needs. They’ll be amazed at what our coaches can do. Plus, both those who refer participants, as well as the participants themselves, will be instantly entered in our drawing for a chance to WIN a $500.00 StubHub! gift certificate.* Anyone who signs up for coaching subscription at the conference will also be entered. Multiple entries allowed for multiple actions.

* Buy Sports, Concert, Theatre or Broadway Tickets at www.StubHub.com.

MightyData Coaching: Tremendous value. Remarkable results.

At DevCon 2010, we will also showcase our customized FileMaker coaching offerings, including: MIGHTYQUICK, MIGHTYCOACH, and MIGHTYTEAM. At MightyData, we believe in creating extraordinary value for our customers. So we put together these customized coaching packages to help them master FileMaker. Our packages include:

  • Professional one-on-one coaching
  • Access to FileMaker Certified Developers and Authorized Trainers
  • Simple solutions to complex technical problems
  • Wide range of expertise that’s responsive to our customers’ needs
  • Effective strategies and industry best practices
  • Elite coaching support to help keep our customers on time and on budget

Every coaching package is designed to accommodate any size budget and comes with our 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, if a customer is not completely satisfied.

Mighty Sessions and Workshops at DevCon

Kirk Bowman, Visionary of Value, will be conducting several sessions at DevCon 2010, including “Systems Integration for FileMaker Developers” on Monday, August 16, at 1:30 p.m. This session will be followed by a workshop at 3:15 p.m.

Kirk is also speaking on "Value, It Really Does Matter…To The Customer!" at an unconference session at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 17. In this session, Kirk will address the topic of ‘creating value for customers’ along with Stephen Gallagher, FileMaker’s Senior Director of Systems Engineering and Field Sales.

On Wednesday at 3:15pm, Kirk will join Molly Connolly, President of Thorsen Consulting, as she leads the workshop titled “Continuous Improvement: Training and Professional Development.”

In addition, Jason Young, Champion of Transformation will present “What’s Faster? Comparing the Performance of Common Development Techniques” at 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, August 17.

A New Mighty Team Member

In addition to all the big changes taking place, we’d like to introduce Susan Fennema, Dean of Success, who is our newest team member. Susan is just what the doctor ordered. She brings balance, harmony, and her infectious smile to MightyData. As the Dean of Success, Susan will oversee all MightyData marketing and advertising support, project management, and customer satisfaction. She brings over 20 years of experience leading project management in the advertising industry, most recently, as Director of Operations for the Williams-Labadie agency in Chicago. This Texas A&M grad has returned to her roots to apply her incredible organizational strength and impeccable business sense to help make MightyData even mightier than ever before.

About Us

At MightyData, we’re all in. That means, everything we do, we do with a never-ending commitment to create value for our customers. Our relentless pursuit of what’s possible with technology gives us the power to help transform your business from respectable to remarkable. When it comes to delivering value, we pack a mighty punch.

Whether you’re new to FileMaker or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got the credentials, resources, and know how to effectively help you and your business thrive on technology.
MightyData. Technology to Transform.

Please visit www.MightyData.com for more information.


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