NELiX TransaX To Showcase New Payment Processing Services At FileMaker Developer Conference

Schaumburg, IL,  August 16, 2010 - NELiX TransaX will be showcasing their payment processing technology for FileMaker for the first time in public at FileMaker DevCon 2010.

NELiX TransaX is a provider of payment processing services such as Merchant Accounts, ACH / E-Check Accounts, and other forms of cashless payment processing.  Specializing in working with application, web and database developers, NELiX TransaX has released tools to help FileMaker developers easily integrate payment processing functions into their FileMaker databases.

In addition to simplifying integration, NELiX TransaX shares revenue with the developer who brings the merchant to NELiX TransaX. This partnership program allows developers to provide more services to their customers, earn additional development hours, and gain a new, recurring revenue stream.

“This program has been very well received,” according to Matthew J. Schwartz, president of NELiX TransaX.  “Developers appreciate the technical flexibility of our payment gateway and merchants love the automation, reporting tools, and low cost.”

NELiX TransaX was founded by computer programmers. With FileMaker experts on staff to assist, advise, or even perform the integration, NELiX TransaX is the payment processing choice for software developers. NELiX® TransaX, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.
1340 Remington Road Suite J
Schaumburg IL 60173

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