New Version of MyOffice Mobile running Filemaker Go on the Apple iPad

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 10, 2010 – NTI (Established in 1987) today announced the immediately availability of MyOffice Mobile Lite. The latest introduction of the Apple iPad and Filemaker Go has created the ultimate solution of have access to all your information needs.

MyOffice Mobile Lite accounting solution for the Apple iPad running on Filemaker Go. With the simultaneous introduction of the Apple iPad, Filemaker Go and MyOffice Mobile Lite have created a powerful combination of technologies. MyOffice Mobile can run either directly on the iPad or can be accessed from a desktop or server remotely. This version allows you to create a PDF directly on your iPad and send it as an email attachment. You can email invoices directly from your iPad to customers. We will be offering many products for the iPad like our To Do List, Real Estate Asset Manager, and Work Order System or customized Accounting Solutions. We offer data anywhere instantly.

This product is perfect for the entrepreneur who needs a simple accounting system that is as easy as an iPad to use.

MyOffice Mobile is a simple and modifiable (modifications are done by us for a fee) accounting program that runs on either Windows or Macintosh, iPad, iTouch and iPhone.  It is an alternative to QuickBooks. You do not have to be an accountant or bookkeeper to use it. Have you spend a small fortune on software and still don’t have what you want?

It comes in either a single user version or multi-user version with up to 250 users. It is also accessible via a Web bower with few limitations. Outside of the office, a sales person can access the server remotely using the iPad to enter orders or give updated information to their clients.

We have been providing solutions and services for both Macintosh and Windows systems since 1987. As a database developer we can create custom accounting and management systems. We specialize in small or large networks, remote access and Web based information and data access.

The iPad version costs $149 and the Windows or Macintosh standalone versions retail for $189. Special introductory pricing will be in effect until December 31st, 2010 of $69 for the iPad version and $149 for the desktop version. Multi-user/Server options are also available. The iPad version requires Filemaker Go as a download from iTunes. The Windows and Macintosh standalone do not require Filemaker to run. Multi-user versions do require FileMaker 11 and Filemaker Server.

About NTI.

NTI has been providing custom database solutions for a variety of customers since 1987. We have focused mostly on the accounting needs of small business and school district.

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