Prototype for neverend books, subscription electronic books with social media built in, built using FileMaker Pro 11

Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA: neverend media recently introduced neverend books, subscription electronic book with social media built in, at the DEMO Spring Conference in Palm Desert, California.

The initial prototype for neverend books was built completely using FileMaker Pro 11.

"FileMaker Pro 11 is our tool of choice for rapidly-built, great-looking, media-rich prototypes of our book products and services," said neverend chief, Chris Kubica.

A neverend book is a continuously updated (down to the paragraph level), Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free, ad-free, multimedia book that you can read on an iPhone, an iPad or any gadget or computer that has a Web browser. You can even read when you aren't connected to the Internet.

A neverend book contains the written word as well as color images, video, audio, hyperlinks, mini-applications, downloads or whatever else enhances a book's topic.

On each and every page of a neverend book, you can chat with the author, with other readers around the world, with your friends, coworkers or classmates. You can even share notes, links, or highlighted passages with each other.


Chris Kubica, President
Phone: 1-919-259-8023

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