XFM Xpress for FileMaker Supports FileMaker Pro 11

The FileMaker Pro Server that can backup any size database in about 1 second is now available with FileMaker Server 11.

CHICAGO, IL, March 10, 2010 -- FileMaker, Inc. announced yesterday the release of FileMaker Pro 11, expanding the power of FileMaker with exciting new advances that can significantly improve the FileMaker experience and user's return on investment. Econnectix and goXFM.com today announce that all XFM models will support FileMaker Pro 11. Customers may chose FileMaker 10 or FileMaker 11 installation. Featured at the 2009 FileMaker Developer's Conference, the XFM uses one of the world's fastest disk subsystems, equivalent to a 1.8 million RPM disk drive. Now, combining the new features of FileMaker Server 11 with the backup speed and reliability of an XFM will give FileMaker customers the latest features of FileMaker with the speed and peace of mind they demand, in one complete, turn-key server/backup solution.

New Features of FileMaker Pro 11

New ways to search data - Quick Find: With FileMaker Pro 11 you can search through multiple fields at once, from the new Quick Find in the status bar. This will forever change how you search through records in your FileMaker system.

New ways to share data - Snapshot Link: Want to share a selected set of records with a co-worker?  Now you can simply send them a Snapshot Link and they'll go directly to those specific records, always updated with the latest data.

New ways to graphically display your data - Charting: At last, FileMaker 11 delivers native ability to add charts based on the metrics that are important to you. Don’t underestimate the power of a visual dashboard keeping track of the key things that matter.

New Developer Tools - Inspector, Object Badges, Text Highlighting: Inspector, a master tool palette that controls layout objects and properties all in one convenient place. Object Badges to visually identify scripted fields in layouts with color-coded icons. Text highlighting to emphasize key words or numbers in fields.

New Server Features: New in FileMaker Server 11 is an Enhanced Statistics View that provides detailed visibility into FileMaker Pro clients to help diagnose potential issues. The new Backup File Clone allows administrators to save an empty version of any database to help preserve the schema and architecture of a file while troubleshooting. FileMaker Server 11 Advanced no longer limits the number of users that can simultaneously access files over the network and allows managers to securely assign access privileges to groups of users.

Safeguard FileMaker Pro 11 Solutions with Xpress for FileMaker

With FileMaker Pro 11 you will be able to build larger, more sophisticated databases, and backups and system reliability will become even more crucial. System Unavailability & Data Corruption, whether it affects an individual user or an entire company, will mean lost time and money. As FileMaker solutions grow in size and now that the number of simultaneous users has become unlimited, protecting data-assets will become ever increasingly important. XFM provides default backup and retention schedules that require no action on your administrator's part to get complete backup coverage. XFM is easy to use, needs little effort to deploy, is best in class fast, and can execute automatic backups that take about a second to complete.

Pricing and Availability

FileMaker 11 is available immediately.

XFM Xpress for FileMaker systems arrive pre-loaded with FileMaker Server 11 (customer-supplied FMS license required) or FileMaker Server 10 upon request. The XFM is available in 4 Standard Models: 8 Gb, 16 Gb, 24 Gb, and 32 Gb models. Complete, turn-key systems are available starting at $15,995. Custom sizes and configurations are also available, as well as new options for customers with Macintosh Servers. Please contact goXFM.com for more details.

About goXFM.com

goXFM.com is a division of Information Architecture, Inc., a FileMaker Pro Business Alliance database development company based out of Plainfield, IN that has more than 18 years of database design, modeling, and programming experience building workgroup applications and software development. goXFM.com is also a primary North American sales partner for Xpress for FileMaker (XFM) High Performance FileMaker Pro servers.

About Econnectix

Econnectix is a leading provider of high performance storage solutions for the global marketplace. With customers worldwide, Econnectix combines cutting-edge hardware and technology with highly reliable and unbelievably fast computing products to deliver added value to customers. Based in Chicago, IL, Econnectix has applied its lightning fast technology to solve diverse data-storage and backup issues. For more information, please see: www.econnectix.com.


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