FileMaker Design Classes Scheduled for Atlanta and San Francisco

New York, NY. -- Jan. 12, 2011 -- The Craft of FileMaker Workshops announced today they will be hosting their Fundamentals of Exceptional Interface Design Workshop for FileMaker Pro Developers March 9th - 11th in Atlanta, Georgia, and April 13th - 15th in San Francisco, California. This three day training will be lead by veteran FileMaker Developer Conference Speakers, Don Levan, President of Vanguard Custom Software, and Ernest Koe, President and Co-founder of The Proof Group.

Attendees will learn how to design FileMaker applications and interfaces that users will rave about, skills that can not be outsourced, and practices transferable to any software development platform. These will include how to:

  • Use a formal design process.
  • Conduct design research.
  • Create and use personas.
  • Use sketches and design patterns to develop ideas.
  • Prototype in FileMaker Pro.
  • Implement grid based designs.
  • Test your interfaces to ensure they are usable.

The Craft of FileMaker Workshops held their first Fundamentals of Exceptional Interface Design Workshop this past October in New York City. That workshop was attended by four FileMaker Inc. staff and other top developers. FileMaker Blogger, Paul Spafford, of FM, concluded his review of the workshop by saying, "This course is a must-have for all serious developers."

What does the workshop cost?
Registration for the class is $1,499 US. Attendees can receive a $200 discount if they register for the Atlanta workshop by February 20th or the San Francisco workshop by March 20th. To receive the discount, enter the discount code "Early" on the registration form.

Where are the workshops being held?
March 9th – 11th, Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta workshop is being hosted by 360Works, Platinum members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, in their Atlanta offices.
1875 Old Alabama Road, Suite 755
Roswell, GA 30076

April 13th – 15th, San Francisco, CA
The San Francisco workshop is being hosted by SavvyData, in their Bayside Classroom.
459 Seaport Court
Redwood City, CA 94063

Who is teaching the workshop?
Don Levan, Psy.D. President of Vanguard Custom Software and the founder of the Craft of FileMaker Workshops, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, FileMaker 7, 8, 9, and 10 Certified Developer, and former photo journalist. He was a speaker at the 2010 FileMaker Developer's Conference and is an accomplished presenter and teacher. He has taught courses and seminars on interaction design, programming skills, psychology, parenting skills, and yoga. He founded Vanguard Custom Software after creating a series of practice management systems for the mental health and medical clinics where he was treating as a Clinical Psychologist.

Ernest Koe is the President and co-founder of The Proof Group. Ernest is a former educator and brings over ten years of experience with database and web software technologies to Proof. He is also a veteran DevCon speaker and a recipient of the FileMaker "Mad Dog" award.

In addition to Proof, he is also a founding member of "Pause On Error", the highly successful "Pause On Error" un-conferences for FileMaker developers and a co-founder of edSocialMedia, a leading social media blog and consulting company in the education sector.

What else do attendees need to know?
The workshops will run from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. each of the first two days and 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on the final day. Meals are not included. Attendees should contact The Craft of FileMaker if they need help finding a hotel.

Where can I get more information about the workshop?
Paul Spafford, of Spafford Data Solutions, has written a review of his experience attending the workshop on his blog, You can read his review there.

Matt Navarre, of MSN Media, interviewed Don Levan on the FM Talk Podcast last September. You can listen to that interview here.

What are previous attendees saying:
"The workshop was fun and stimulating and will raise the game of those who care about designing databases at the highest level... I learned a lot in a short time."
— Doug Gardner, President of Exoteric, Six-time speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference

"This workshop provided clear and tangible examples and exercises that engaged us - as teams - to rethink how we approach requirements gathering and dovetail that into intentional system design."

"In much the same way Agile energized the FileMaker community's approach to project management several years back my opinion is that this workshop is set to do the same for the requirements gathering, processing and design - reminding us all that 'software is about people - not about features'."
— Adam Aaronson, President of Full City Consulting, Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

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The Craft of FileMaker is a service of Vanguard Custom Software. Vanguard's mission is to "create simple applications which solve complex problems." They incorporate software development best practices, interaction design, and cognitive psychology to create data-driven applications and websites that are efficient for business and easy for people.
Don Levan
Vanguard Custom Software, LLC.
United States

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