MightyData Announces MightySummit Offering Three Days of FileMaker Immersion in Orlando, FL.

DALLAS, Texas – January 27, 2011 – MightyData, a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and Authorized FileMaker Trainer, announces MightySummit, 3 days of FileMaker Pro immersion for Authorized Trainers, Certified Developers and Passionate FileMaker Pro users, May 4-6, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.

MightyData is ready to teach you all that we can! Now don’t think this is just another classroom training course. This is FileMaker for you. We aren’t going to stand at the front of a room and just lecture. Instead, we’re going to provide you with interactive seminars and immersive discussions of epic proportions.

Imagine some of the best FileMaker Authorized Trainers all in one place, at your disposal. We’re talking captivating sessions, useful one-on-one coaching, and some "off the clock" fun with the experts – this is your chance to pick their brains. Our trainers have the credentials, but more importantly, they have the passion for FileMaker.

We've even picked a location where you can add on some personal fun at the end – Orlando! Extend your stay at The Point Resort for the weekend following at a negotiated rate and you can enjoy Disney World, Universal Studios, Epcot, or any of the other local attractions.

Bring your questions and your solutions – we’ll take care of the rest. MightySummit is all about you.

Why We Want You at MightySummit:

  1. To share our passion for FileMaker
  2. To help you attain FileMaker breakthroughs
  3. To elevate your knowledge of FileMaker to the next level
  4. To provide you with exceptional practices and resources about FileMaker
  5. To bring developers together to share ideas, techniques, and to have some fun as well

Speakers from MightyData include Kirk Bowman, Martha Zink, Anders Monsen, Jason Young, and Susan Fennema. Kirk, Martha, Anders, and Jason are past and present FileMaker DevCon speakers, Authorized Trainers and Certified Developers. In addition, Kirk, Martha and Jason are speakers at Pause On Error. To top it off, Andy LeCates and Rosemary Tietge from FileMaker Inc. will join us.

The session overview for MightySummit can be found at: http:/www.mightydata.com/mightysummit/topics.php

We are offering 3 levels of access (Silver, Gold and Platinum) to match your specific needs. Hurry! Early registration ends March 15th. For more information or to register, go to: http:/www.mightydata.com/mightysummit/index.php

About MightyData

At MightyData, we’re all in. That means, everything we do, we do with a never-ending commitment to create value for our customers. Our relentless pursuit of what’s possible with technology gives us the power to help transform your business from respectable to remarkable. When it comes to delivering value, we pack a mighty punch.


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