FMDiff3 now covers FileMaker .fmp12 files

FileMaker Developer Conference, SAN DIEGO, Calif. – August 10, 2013

Today, Huslik Verlag GmbH, a software company, releases FMDiff in its third generation. FMDiff compares FileMaker custom solutions against earlier versions, backups and clones. Differences ares shown as HTML in a browser or as XML for further processing.

FMDiff comes for Mac and Windows. FileMaker files are read natively, no XML DDR or other application is required.

Special prices for FileMaker Developer Conference visitors and update prices for customers with earlier versions and are available.

"Don't miss our Vendor Session on Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 2pm - 3:15pm in Sapphire 410," said Winfried Huslik, Owner and CEO at Huslik Verlag "It may change your view of FileMaker files completely. Please show up early, as seats are limited".

About Huslik Verlag GmbH

Winfried Huslik, owner and CEO, has more than 20 years experience with FileMaker. He has specialized in testing and repairing custom FileMaker files.

Customer contact:

+49 821 565606 CEST 8:30 - 17:00 h

Media contact:

Winfried Huslik

+49 1712327123

About FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker is the leader in easy-to-use database software. Millions of people, from individuals to some of the world's largest companies, rely on FileMaker software to manage, analyze and share essential information. The FileMaker Platform includes versatile database software for teams and organizations, for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and the web . FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple.

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Kevin Mallon

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