“Jump Start FM” FileMaker Training Registration Open

CHICAGO, Illinois – May 13, 2013 – Thorsen Consulting announced “Jump Start FM” a month long, virtual training course aimed at individuals eager to take their FileMaker skills to the next level. The first course runs June 3-27.

Students will attend webinars and work with a professional coach to develop a personalized training plan. The plan includes training exercises to help students acquire immediate marketable skills, and sets out a path for them to achieve FileMaker certification.

“Traditional classroom training typically follows a one-size-fits-all model. We’ve developed a program that allows us to tailor the content to our students’ needs. Our target student is a self-starter who is looking for direction and code review from industry experts,” said Molly Connolly, President of Thorsen Consulting and the primary course instructor.

Topics Include:

  1. Needs Analysis & Project Planning
  2. Developer Tools & Resources
  3. System Design & Architecture
  4. User Interface, Design & Usability
  5. FileMaker Go
  6. Estimating & Time Management
  7. Quality Assurance & Testing
  8. Certification Prep
  9. Deployment
  10. Installation, Configuration & Backups
  11. Customer Service & Support

Guest speakers include Cris Ippolite of iSolutions; David A. Knight of Angel City Data, Deborah Zempel, Deborah Zempel Consulting, and Matt Navarre, MSN Media.

Registration is open now at: https://jumpstartfm.com/

About Molly Connolly

Molly Connolly, owner of Thorsen Consulting, is a FileMaker developer who provides business advisory services to other FileMaker developers on how to effectively run and grow their businesses. As a "consultant to consultants" Molly leverages her 15+ years of experience to help companies on a variety of issues including client management, training, recruiting and sales. Molly is active in the FileMaker community and recipient of the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution to the FileMaker Community" award. She is a former founding partner at Soliant Consulting, frequent DevCon speaker, advisory board member of PauseOnError, and runs an annual “FileMaker Product Developer Conference” in Chicago.

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